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  1. Hi Mathijs, sorry to be that guy, but there's a problem with OK-ELI livery. Namely, the main texture is vertically flipped, so it appears all messed up on the airplane. I already reported this error to Matt in his livery thread and he fixed it, but this pack apparently comes from the time before he did. The obvious fix is to replace the livery with the one available separately, but since this pack is an official addon published by Aerosoft... Just bringing your attention to it so it might be corrected.
  2. Three times' a charm. Now it looks just fine! Thanks!
  3. Ah Matt, sorry to bug you again, but this time, the entire main texture of OK-ELI is vertically mirrored. For the time being, I corrected it myself for my personal use, but letting you know so you may fix it. Seems this livery is cursed or something. But first of all, look after yourself and get well soon! Health always comes first, and the liveries won't go anywhere.
  4. Wonderful job, Matt! Really loving these beautiful repaints of yours! A small word of critique on the OK-ELI, though: The Czech flag on the right side should be mirrored, i.e. with the blue triangle towards the front, as seen for example here: That backwards flag was literally the first thing that cought my eye on that livery. It would be nice of you to consider correcting it in a subsequent update. Other than that, really great work of course! Thank you and take care!
  5. Nosmo King


    Just to let you guys know, the flaps controls can be easily done via Lvars, and then they mimic the real operation exactly. Oil radiator and cowl flaps are harder, but I managed to put something together via bit of lua scripting. While I am not entirely happy with thew results, I will settle with "good enough" for now. If somebody is interested in my findings (and maybe willing to build upon them and work out something better), let me know here and I will gladly share of course. The magnetos and carb heat lever, on the other hand, proved to be too hard nut to crack for me. Despite my best efforts, I can't make these work. Well, at least I have the (in my opinion) most vital controls covered.
  6. Yes, it's supposed to be that way for now. There's a development thread in this forum about these features being worked on.
  7. Hello there, I know the "OMG my aircraft doesn't turn" thing is a pretty common "issue" with the An-2, but I believe what I am experiencing is something a little different: I have selected "K" in the braking options, and assigned a joystick button to the brakes command (tried with a key as well, makes no difference). Now, when I press the brakes button (yes, before someone asks, I have pneumatic pressure), the brake gauge shows about 6 on both left and right brake, as it should. Then, as I apply left pedal, still holding the brake button, pressure in the right brake drops, while left remains at six. Good so far. Buuut, as soon as I apply right pedal, still holding the brakes, pressure in the left brake drops (still good), but the right brake pressure does not come back up. In other words, even though continuously applying the brakes, after full pedal deflection to both sides, I end up having no brakes at all. Only way to re-apply the brakes is to release the button and press it again. I tested the same with the "A" settings and toe brakes, no difference. Also, I have only the free version of FSUIPC installed, so all my controls are assigned directly in sim. So, my question is: 1. Is it an actual property of the real An-2, that you must re-apply the brake after rudder input? From what I know of Russian planes and planes in general, that should not be the case, and it certainly doesn't seem very safe. 2. Is it something else I am missing? 3. Or is it a bug? Thank you kindly for your reply!
  8. Hi, for starters, there are the inconsistent naming conventions and general discrepancies across the manuals. For example, Vol5 manual wants me to switch on "Oil cooler shutter position indicator", "Ambient temperature thermometer", or to "use syringe pump". Neither of those names are mentioned in Vol1, where cockpit controls are described. Another thing, it would be nice to have a manual with detailed description of aircraft systems, other than the (horrendous) copy of the real life manual. So far, we only have the Vol1 manual which contains few images with descriptions to tell you where the controls are, but does not say a thing about what they do. For example, there's the EMI-3K switch, and, well, that's about it. If you are not an expert about Russian/Soviet avionics, it's your guess what part of the An-2 might be called EMI-3K. I actually happen to know a thing or two about Russian avionics (DCS World and all), but don't really care to remember their designations (Russians really love acronyms, btw!), so I had to Google it up. It's the combined oil/fuel temperature/pressure gauge, if anyone wants to know, which, on the page 10 of the Vol1 manual, is designated as "Fuel Pressure / Oil Pressure / Oil Temperature" (no mention of EMI-3K whatsoever). So, even if you (from the often conflicting or incomplete manuals) figure out what switches to push and when, you still have little or no understanding of why you do that, and you would surely agree this is a poor way of flying an airplane, isn't it? So, would you please consider expanding the manual to briefly explain what each control does?
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