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  1. Thanks for the input guys and at LAST, the confusion regarding Airbus extended comes to life with that Screenshot from Kiddow. The program now seems to work...I just have to figure out the fuel required for each trip. Does PFPX calculate that? Thanks again for your help...I would suggest the manual needs to be a lot clearer as I have been simming for 14 years and have NEVER had a problem like this one with ANY flight planning software. ( I have 6 other programs installed)
  2. Thanks for the info Kiddow, BUT I am constantly getting the display "ROUTE NOT FOUND" in the CDU after saving to the co routes folder as mentioned in my first post. This is because it save my plan as *.fms format. as shown in the post above on Thursday last. I just give up now and will find a REAL flight planner that the 767 will accept, becuase this has been a nightmare and I firmly believe it has been false advertising on the FlightFactor sales page quote: Load company routes generated by Professional FlightPlanner X (or other compatible programs) directly into the FMC. Thanks again
  3. HI again, As there seems no answer to my problem, I have been entering the flight plan waypoints manually and this is NOT what I paid 70AUD for. Plus it is a VERY tedious job on a long haul flight. Flightfactor do not seem to have ANY idea so I was wondering if there is a tool to convert from .fms format to fpl format for the folder plugins\ Aircraft\Boeing757767\Avionics\routes Thanks again in advance
  4. This screen shot attached is similar to the one shown in my first post, whereby the paths, as I was told, were shown correct (in red) There is NO Addon for the Flightfactor 767-300 just generic Xplane.
  5. Thank you Mario for your reply, However I have read the FF aircraft manual (page 26) and repeatedly mention to FF that IF i have the correct paths (which you and they agree I have) as shown in my post above, then the only format I can seem to save is .fms. as shown in the attached screen shot. I see no mention of *.fpl format anywhere in Xplane. Is there something I am missing? and how do I find Aerosoft Airbus Extended folder to export (place) to? Thanks in advance Tony
  6. Hi Guys, I purchased the FF767 on Black Friday recently (it was discounted) and installed it correctly V1.1.32, and it works OK in Xplane 11. BUT the CDU will not import flight plans from PFPX. I keep getting the message "route not found". I have sent about 4 tickets to FF and cannot get a satisfactory is the reply to my question:(in red below) and screen shot below Hi guys Your advert for the B767-300ER states that you can use Professional flight planner X to export routes to the CDU. So I purchased PFPX to load plans but each time the CDU reports "ROUTE NOT FOUND" Have I wasted my money or is there a glitch in your program? Also waiting for method to view passenger cabin/galley, from last ticket enquiry Ok, the path is correct but the format is wrong. The plane supports the Aerosoft Airbus Extended co-routes format, the manual supplied with the model contains this information, did you read it? I hope somebody can help with this annoying problem Thanks Tony
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