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  1. Hi Hans Hartmann Still no update avaliable? Aerosoft Updater doesent show one. Can you say about when an Update will be avaliable? Sincerelly Zimmi
  2. Hi Hans Hans Hartmann Ty for your reacting. As far I could figure out, the CRJ Pro should not only try to do a steeper curve, it should start to react earlier. Probably the Combination of green and orange Path would work best. Of cause, I am not a Devloper but I suppose a steeper curve is just the first Part of a Solution. The Key for Sucsess probably will be in a Combination of steeper Curves and erlier Reactpoint. Green Line = CRJ 700/900X Magenta Line = CRJ Pro orange Line = Maybe the Result by only steeper Curves Will your Correction be showed in the Aerosoft Updater? Sincerelly Zimmi
  3. What Skyguide says: Before I got Contact to my Friend the Swiss Airbus Pilot, I also did phone Skyguide ;-). They pleased me to send them the Question per E-Mail. Now I got the Answer. Here the Question I asked them per E-Mail: Dear Skyguide Employees My question: Is BREGO a flyover or fly-by GPS point? If it is a flyover point, how can ZH556 (and ZH557) still be reached in DEP after GERSA? With kind regards Zimmermann Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) Here the Answer of Skyguide: Dear Mr Zimmermann BREGO, as published in the AIP, is a fly-over point, i.e. it is a fly-over. Afterwards a continuing track is intercepted. How this is handled by the FMS depends on the aircraft and the FMS. This means that the FMS could see BREGO as fly-by, but this is contrary to the definition. The Points ZH556 and ZH557 are only found on GERSA2W SID. In general, the aircraft are released to the south on VEBIT SID. I hope to serve you with this information and am available for further questions. Friendly greetings Monica Ezquerra corporate image & visitor services Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) I did ask in E-Mail in German because Skyguide is in Switzerland. Thats why here is the Translation by DeepL.com/Translator (free version) It was me, who highlited parts in Red. Interesting, that one and the same Point in the same DEP can be handled as Flyover and Flyby, depending of the Aircraft and its FMS ! Anyway: I am still hoping of an Autopilotupdate, then CRJ 700/900X follows the Flightpath much more accurate, independent of this Flyofer or Flyby. See DEP CAN2U from Rwy 01 in LSZA (Lugano). Sincerelly Zimmi
  4. @Hoffie3000 Ty for the Tip. I did register me. A very interessting Site. Sincerelly Zimmi
  5. @Hoffie3000 Where did you pickup this Skyguide Charts? @JRBarrett Where did you pickup the Eurocontrol Charts? It seams to make Sence when the Definition of BREGO depends on the DEP Route. @all I just had Contact to my Friend, the real Swiss Pilot. In real, Swiss doesent fly this GERSA Dep as we are discussing. Swiss fly VEBIT Dep and as soon as they are high enouth to reach OMIDO at 10`000 feet or higher, they get a Direct to OMIDO. OMIDO is not Part of the GERSA DEP but its exacly on the GERSA DEP Path (between ZH557 and AFOLT). Thats the Way Swiss handels Departures via GERSA. Well - not the first Time I recognize that Things in Real will be handled in a different way than in Theorie. The Problem with the Autopilot in CRJ Pro still remains. The CRJ 700/900X follows the Flightpath much more accurate CRJ Pro seams to react the Direction to late and maybe also to slow. Reactpoints marked with Crossline. Green Line = CRJ 700/900X Magenta Line = CRJ Pro First Part of DEP GERSA and VEBIT DEP CAN2U from Rwy 01 in LSZA (Lugano) Still hoping of an Update who corrects the Autopilot !!! Sincerelly Zimmi
  6. Hi As far the Legend shows, BREGO seams to be an Overfly Point. In this case i would be interested how the real Aircrafts will reach ZH556 !!! I know a real Life Pilot from the Airline Swiss. His Base is LSZH. I cant contact him at the moment but i try again in the next Days. Will ask him if BREGO is an Overfly or not and how he will fly the DEP to GERSA. He is an A-320 Pilot, not CRJ but in the Basic of our Problem, that shouldent matter in any way. I will post his Answer as soon as i know it! @Hoffie3000 Ty for the Point to Hans Hartmann as Devloper of CRJ Series. Result of all: At this Point I will use the CRJ Pro for Flights with very easy DEP (no hard turns) or as Plane for visual Flight, the CRJ 700/900X for IFR Flights with difficult DEP. I hope hard for an Update of the Autopilot from the CRJ Pro !!! Sincerelly Zimmi
  7. @Hoffie3000 First of all: Installed Version of CRJ 700/900X is: !!! Installed Version of CRJ Pro is : !!! Flightpath following: I have done with this both Versions several Tests. For both Versions i selected the Model 700 in same Conditions (Weather and Load). The Weather was: No Clouds, no Wind, Temp 15°C, Visibillity unlimited. The Load was: Passingers 70, Cargo FWD 0 kg, Cargo AFT 800 kg, Fuel 3000 kg. Speed was only 170 KIAS to give the Autopilot some more Time to act. With other Speeds the Pathes will be little different but the main Problem remains the same. Flaps were during Rotation at 20, then immediately retracted to Position 1. Position 1 was set completed at about the half way between Airborn and KLO02. There is def. a Difference in the Autopilot. The CRJ 700/900X follows the Flightpath much more accurate. See Pic. Green Line = CRJ 700/900X Magenta Line = CRJ Pro The green Line is about the same Path which all my other Aircrafts (PMDG, FlightSimLabs Airbus, Majestic Q400) will fly. CRJ Pro seams to react the Direction to late and maybe also to slow. Seams that causes the Problems. Reactpoints marked with Crossline. BREGO as Overfly: My other Aircrafts wont handle BREGO as an overfly. They will turn bevor reaching BREGO, so they will not have the Problems to reach ZH556 and ZH557. At this Point I have to say that i fly the other Aircrafts with NavDate 0518 and only the CRJ with the newer 0319 (included in the Package). Maybe 0319 will handle BREGO as an Overfly and 0518 not. If PMDG, FlightSimLabs Airbus, Majestic Q400 will not handle BREGO in the NavData 0319 as Overfly ther is the Question why does this CRJ (700/900x and Pro). Only this Definition Overfly will generate the Problem to reach ZH556 and ZH557. To set a Direct to ZH556 befor reaching BREGO seams to be a Workaround in 2 Ways: 1. I dont beleave that this is the Way in real Life. 2. At the Point, I set the Direct, the Autopilot will set a direct Line to ZH556. At this Point the Procedere is the same as in BREGO because at the Moment I set the Direct, I overfly the Starting Point of the new Direct Line. To reduce this Problem I had, at the Moment when the Aircraftnose looks directly to ZH556. to set again a Direct to ZH556! With all this Handlings we are close to the way to fly the DEP by setting HDG. Just for Illustration the Autopilot Problem with an other DEP: DEP CAN2U from Rwy 01 in LSZA (Lugano) OK - its an difficult DEP but PMDG B-737, FlightSimLabs A-319 and Majestic Q400 can handle it and its great to fly this DEP in Simulation. Colored is the part whichone I did fly with Autopilot. The not collored Part I did fly per Hand to garantie the right Turn after ILU20. At the End of DEP CRJ 700/900X had also some Troubles to fly a credible Path. In the middle of DEP CRJ Pro did fly a very strange Path !!! Same Weather and Loadconditions as in LSZH. Speed between 160 - 175 KIAS. Stalls: With the Version I dident get any Stalls in SPD Mode during climbing. I hope Aerosoft can fix the Autopilot from the CRJ Pro that it works at least in the way of the Autopilot from the CRJ 700/900X! In all other Points I love the CRJ Pro. Spezial the Illumination of the Cockpit looks great. Sincerelly Zimmi
  8. @ Branimir It also did fix it to me. Ty so much Branimir. @Hoffie3000 Tomorrow I will test the DEP and post the resultat. Sincerelly Zimmi
  9. @ Hoffie3000 I decided bevor do any Tests to reinstall my CRJ Pro because I had installed Version and it will only be provided when in the Aerosoft Updater ist Experimental Actualisations marked. I did unmark and reinstall my original Version to have a 100% clean installation.. After reinstalling and loading the Plane the Engines are running and I can move the aircraft by the engines BUT inside the Cockpit I have no Power (all Screens dark). I can handle the switches (for Example Landinglights ect., they move) but it takes no effect! I did uninstall and reinstall it 3 times (Virus Protection off) but everytimes the same effect. I also loaded first the "Prepare3D Default" Situation and then the CRJ Pro but no effect. Clicking the EFB wont take it alive. EFB remains in dark screen. The Nose Wheel (Outside view) looks strong to the left, but i can taxi the plane in each Direction. Please help me to get the CRJ Pro usable again in P3dv4! My 3dv4 Version is: As soon the CRJ Pro will work again, I will fly the DEP with 190 KIAS to BREGO and further to GERSA to test the Plane for stalls. Maybe after this delay the Plane will work normaly, with out Stalls. Thats for i did the very Clean Install. Sincerelly Zimmi
  10. Hi I did use the CRJ 700/900X and it did fly pretty OK the DEP from Rwy 28 in LSZH to GERSA. Maybe it should turn left before KLO02 and BREGO insteed of after overfly this Points. Anyway, I could deal with this. Now I did update (very fair update Price) to CRJ Professional. The CRJ Pro dont fly any more the DEP from Rwy 28 in LSZH to GERSA correct. In Dependency of Speed, the higher the Speed, the more incorrect lateral. In SPD Mode during climbing, sometimes the Plane climbes to steep until it gets in Stall. At other DEP I also did recognise simmilar cracy Routes. CRJ 700/900X dident had the Problem with the cracy Routes ant the Stall ! CRJ 700/900X only had the little Problem with the late Turns (after overfly the Points) Green Line = CRJ 700/900X Magenta Line = CRJ Pro You can see easily that the green Line is the more real Line! Optical, spezial the illumination of the Cockpit, the CRJ Pro is the better Plane, in flying the DEP, the CRJ 700/900X was much better. I cant understand why, spezial because the predecessor coud it. Questions: Are out there other Users with this Problems? Is an Update expectibal for that Problem? Sincerelly Zimmi
  11. Hi I also cant finde a Livre Manager. Sincerelly Jörg
  12. Zimmi

    Flap Sound

    Hi Mathijs First of all: I could solve the Problem with a work around! Video would be possible but for that I would have to build it back in the original Situation and I also did change the Inside Enginesound. I also would have to restore the original Inside Engine Sound that the Video would sound in the really original way. If i am the onliest who had this Problem, no others can benefit. The Problem with the Flapsound of cause was before I started to change anything! The Sound whichone did come about a half Second after the Flaps did start to run was the same as the one who is in my P3Dv4 Sound Folder (D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Sound). The Soundfile is called "FLAPS.wav". I dont know for what this "FLAP.wav" File will be used further so I dident delete or renamed it. I did the following Change in the Sound.cfg of the "OctopusG_An-2\sound" Folder. ORIGINAL: [FLAPS] filename= flags=0 viewpoint=1 initial_volume=8000 MY CHANGE: [FLAPS] filename=flap flags=0 viewpoint=1 initial_volume=8000 Then I used a nice sounding flap.wav and did copie it into the "OctopusG_An-2\sound" Folder. Now the AN2 Flaps sound like this new flap.wav. Aditional here my Changes for the Inside Sound which seams to be recordet as it sounds when wearing a Headset. (The AN2 from Aerosoft might sound like the Original but, sorry about me, I prefere a deep and loud Sound of this big engine. In Reallife it probably wouldent be like this). I also did install a Version AN2 Headset with the original Aerosoft Sound but I use it very rare. Here what I did: I did make a Copy of the following 3 Soundfiles for outside: ean2_2, ean2_3 und ean2_4 I renamed them in an2_2, an2_3, an2_4 (Soundfiles for inside Sound), copied them back and overwrited the original an2_2, an2_3, an2_4 Files (after I did safe them). Now the AN2 sounds for me pretty nice and I love it. I really estimate the work from the Aerosoft Devlopers. I hope you will forgive me my changes at your Work. Last: If there are others with this Flap Soundproblem and you want to search for a correct Solution I will built back the Airplane and try to make a video but as long as I am the onliest its from my side not nessessery to invest Workmanship in this Problem because I can good live with my Solution. Sincerelly Zimmi
  13. Zimmi

    Flap Sound

    Hi all AN2 Lovers I hear 2 Flapsounds. As soon I start running the Flaps there is an nice smooth Sound whichone sounds plausible for me. About a half second later there comes a very loud Sound and overlayes the first Sound. This second Sound is exactly the same as the original Flapsound was in FS 98. I dont know the AN2 from real Life but I not really beleave its like this in real Life. Question 1: Is this in real Life so and have other Simemrs this also on there Simulators? (I use P3Dv4.4) Question 2: If only I have this strange Sound, how can I get it away? Sincerelly Zimmi
  14. Hi Hans Thanks a lot for your Answer. It did solve the Problem !!! By the way: I have a 4k Monitor. Thats why I did screw up the font scaling for my Monitor to 150% to see the things big enouth on my 4K Screen. After setting 150 on the CRJ Manager options page to the font scaling - everything was fine. Thank you Hans. Sincerelly Zimmi
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