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  1. I have run it with admin privileges. Strange that it didn't detect .NET Framework, though...
  2. Mathijs, this did the trick. As soon as I removed it (from the -300 wheeled config), my problems were gone. I could even finally make a flight. Then I immediately loaded a different model with the module enabled (ski equipped), started the engines, shut them down, and the CTD was back.
  3. Okay, I will try that and report. (Not at home right now.) No, no, no, this is a special P3D-dedicated folder, I wouldn't do such a stupidity as to install the sim into a folder where some other program resides. 'FSGW' simply stands for "Flight Simulator Golden Wings'. There was a project for FS2004 with this name, and I've been naming my sim install folders like this ever since (FSGW, FSGW X, FSGW P3D).
  4. 1. No, it's installed into its own dedicated folder on the local drive D: 2. Yes, with admin rights. 3. Yes, with admin rights.
  5. The problem is still there on the version 1.21. It hangs or crashes to desktop in several seconds after engines shutdown. I tried to disable AS Flight Recorder, tried to disable Antivirus, and other add-ons, no luck. This happens only with the Twin Otter. I'm running P3D 4.1 on Windows 10. Here are the excerptions from the Windows Event Viewer. This is from the Security and Maintenance Control Panel.
  6. Hi Otto, Thanks for the reply. This time when I reproduced it, it hung at first, not crashed. At the moment Windows registered 2 events. See info below. When I actually got CTD, no events were recorded. #1 ("Information") #2 ("Error") This is from the Security and Maintenance Control Panel (by date it looks like my yesterday's encounter).
  7. This thread is locked, so I have to raise another one, since the problem is still there. What version is considered the latest? The web-shop states it is 1.21 and I have 1.21 and no updates are available. And the problem is just that: the P3D4.1 crashes to desktop with no messages right after the engines shutdown.
  8. I have just upgraded from The aircraft can be perfectly steered on the ground, so this is only of a visual concern. And it is stuck there forever. Regardless of the 'Use Steering Axis' options state in the Manager.
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