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    That's so lucky that all passengers were safe. They need to fix and check the toilets everytime before flying :))
  2. Why don't you check your internet speed? Or your server ? In my side, it runs normally.
  3. DidierAubin87

    20% off PMDG P3Dv4 disappeared in cart

    I did not get this discount so I am not sure about it. But have you tried to contact support service? Or Have you checked the due date of the discount?
  4. DidierAubin87

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    All your pictures are the art. I mean the lights show perfectly and amazing
  5. It is not one of the most beautiful picture but I feel so peaceful.
  6. DidierAubin87

    Munich Bus Simulator

    Did you try to uninstall and set up it again? Sometime, I met this situation and do this step will be fine.