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  1. I didnt actually get the links my self. A guy sent me the links to a list of liveries that Holgi had made. And i selected the file i was going to download.
  2. But does that mean that i need to delete the already downloaded liveries that dont appear in the sim? " No added liveries appear in sim"
  3. Sorry for asking too much. Sorry
  4. Ok i havent gotten an answer yet. Anyone that can help?
  5. The livery manager has been started as an administrator Its no gaps in the cfg files. Because i checked it for a moment ago and found something but it still didnt work And here is my downloading path: C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX
  6. It could actually be the download path when im looking at that post you linked. I just need to hear what is coming behind the FSX.
  7. Nope that didnt work. I am desperate to get this to work out but i guess i just need to take my time.
  8. Ok i have checked everything and it seems to be correct. But i found a livery there it started on 1 so i think that could be the problem. Im restarting my sim to see if it worked. And everything is correct. Thanks for your help and i will notify you if it worked
  9. Hey! After i bought my aerosoft a320 and a321 from steam i couldnt get any liveries in my sim. Im desperate to get help with my liveries. I hope someone can help me still if i bought it from steam. Thanks!
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