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  1. Hi This is P3D v4.5 hotfix 3 Thank you Carlos
  2. Hello Mathijs Thank you for replying and apologies for my late reply (I was trying to solve through Orbx) Yes sir, I have AIG AI Manager (https://www.alpha-india.net/) Everything in the scenery is perfect, just the apron is elevated... Should I look for something specific? Regards Carlos
  3. Hi I have this apron elevation issue in Norilsk I have followed all the instructions in the manual and in Orbx forum y the issue remains I hope you can provide a solution Thanks
  4. Hi Just bought and installed Prague but I see the default tower too How can I remove it please? Regards Carlos
  5. Hello Dave Do you have many addons? Do you have Orbx products? If yes, after proceeding as you stated are all of these products working fine? Like plug and play? or did you have to reinstall most of them? Thanks Carlos
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