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  1. Hello, How is it possible to ExpandAirbus flight instrument and move the expanded window to another part of the screen? Although I have a 27" monitor and a good pair of glasses. My advancing years are doing me no optical favours! If I have put this question in the wrong section I do apologise. I would be very grateful for some help if it is possible to do this? Thank you.
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    Airbus Cockpit Instruments

    Hi, I would like to find out if it is possible to increase the size of the Airbus Flight Instruments? I am flying in P3D v3 and have resorted to using a magnifying glass to read the data. As far as I can recall I could simply click on an instrument in FSX using default aircraft to magnify it and move it about on my screen. I love the Aerosoft Airbus and hope someone may be able to help me in this regard. I do apologise if I have duplicated this topic. Thank you.
  3. Hi Mathijs, I am hoping Aerosoft will make available the Professional versions of A318/319/320/321 in the very near future. I am about to move to P3D v.4.1 or later and as these great products are incompatible with 64-bit version of P3D I may have to find something else. I know you are probably fed up listening to us moaners getting more impatient by the day but patience has its limits. What is the best and worst case scenario regarding the availability of this upgrade? Kind Regards Global Aviator