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  1. I apologize upfront for piggybacking. I have the same issue with MB. I also tried to exclude the files and IP and it refused to take. Keeps saying it is a Trojan.
  2. Update: I restarted P3D4 and loaded the A319. The screens appear to have returned to normal with no errors. I was also able to do a search via the pop-up keyboard on the charts screen. The only thing I did different was make sure that Navigraph was running via the congiurator BEFORE starting P3D. It was still connected from the last attempt so I don't understand why I would get an error for the previous start, then none for a restart....baffling. Keep up the great work!
  3. Hi guys, To answer Mathijs question: Yes, the index.html file is currently located in ...\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX EFB\A330. There is no folder for the Baby Buses. Secondator: I have attached a copy of the file. I did a flight yesterday in the A318 as I had mentioned and I did not get the same screen as I had originally posted. However, I could not enter anything on the chart side, even though the Navigraph charts was logged in. I then did another flight with the A319 today and as soon as I loaded the aircraft, I noticed the following screen: EFB_Ctrl - Copy.log
  4. I also wanted to let you know I ran accross something odd. I went to the ...\Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional\Data folder and looked at the EFB_Ctrl.log It had my Airbus 330 info in it. The first couple of lines: [07/03/2020 13:22:57:925]: EFB_Ctrl gauge loaded. [07/03/2020 13:22:57:925]: Dataflags: 0, 0, size=0x1c4c0000. [07/03/2020 13:22:57:925]: Module version: 1.64.7. [07/03/2020 13:22:57:925]: Initialization complete. [07/03/2020 13:23:19:441]: Aircraft loaded. [07/03/2020 13:23:19:441]: Found the window with ID: 0. [07/03/2020 13:23:19:441]: Found the window with ID: 10028. [07/03/2020 13:23:19:441]: Opening URL for gauge #0 (1): 'C:\Users\xxxxxx\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX EFB\A330\index.html'. [07/03/2020 13:23:19:441]: Opening URL for gauge #1 (0): 'C:\Users\xxxxxx\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX EFB\A330\index.html'. [07/03/2020 13:23:20:905]: Re-opening URL for gauge #1 (0): 'C:\Users\xxxxxx\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX EFB\A330\index.html' The last line kept repeating until there was a line that stated the gauge was unloaded. I went to the ...\Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A330 Professional\Data folder and checked its EFB_Ctrl.log file. It had similar info but also some more specific lines. I know that the A330 was working correctly during my flight. I am going to do another test today with the 319 to see what happens. Regards
  5. Can I PM it to you please?
  6. Just updated all my Buses. Things seem to be working well. The A330 EFB appears to be working ok. However, when loaded up the A319, the EFB looks like this: It does not change. It is like it is hung up. Any ideas? My configurator is set to Navigraph and it is connected. Regards.
  7. Same issue for the smaller Buses.
  8. Hanse, Unfortunately, It is not working as you have posted with I have followed all instructions to the letter and as soon as I use MCDU3 to close the doors, the checklist stops. It does not continue. I even waited 5 minutes based on the post regarding the change in GSX2 and interactions (I believe Mathijs posted it). I had mentioned in another thread about the slowness of the arming of the slides. However, I am wondering now if the issue may be related to "Load Instant" under Load and Fuel in MCDU3. The reason this crossed my mind is when "Load Instant" is used, there is a slight bump and change to the aircraft as the weight is loaded. I thought that maybe that "bump" may be triggering something accidently within the checklist flow. So I did a test. Instead of using my typical sequence of "Init Loadsheet" then "Load Instant", I used the sequence of Init Loadsheet, then opened the doors and did all the normal loading through GSX, including fuel. Once I got the GSX message that boarding was complete, I closed all the cargo doors and then the main door only using MCDU3. Once the main door closed, the checklist immediately continued. I have tried again two more times: once using Load Instant and once without. Using Load Instant, once I received the info message "CLOSE DOORS" or "USE GSX PUSHBACK" I manually closed the main using the MCDU3 DOOR menu and the checklist stopped. However, when I did not use Load Instant and loaded normally through GSX (fuel, cargo, pax), the checklist continues after I close the main door with no issues. Also, for all of these startups, I always use the default Cold and Dark. Regards
  9. Thank you for the update. Did not see this mentioned in the post. Has the update also been sent out to third party vendors for posting on their sites?
  10. Hanse and Mathijs, Thank you very much for the update. Will keep fingers crossed for
  11. The checklist is now completely unusable. It refuses to move forward after closing the doors. I even tried the workaround discussed under the folowing post: One of the the other things that I have noticed is that it takes some time for the slides to set. Could it be related? Please don't misunderstand. I love the plane. Because of my experience with the A320 series, I can work throught this. But something has definitely happened regarding the checklist and Have a great New Year!
  12. Just tried again, this time without the KEYB INPUT ON. The checklist froze upon closing the door. I also forgot to mention in my prvious post that I am using the MCDU3 to close the door, if that helps.
  13. I have the same issue with the door. I have tried four times today and it is hit or miss with the results. My versions, and my process steps are outlined below: P3D v4.5 SP2; A330 1. Started P3D; load aircraft (Delta models) and airport. 2. Aircraft loads up in Aerosoft default turn-around state. The outside doors are open in this state. 3. Using MCDU3, I load the cold and dark state. Door 1L is the only one open. 4. I set up mu fuel and payload using the A3XX FuelPlanner. 5. Using MCDU3, I init the loadsheet, then select Instant load 6. I go to the checklist and turn it and the copilot on. 7. Pilot and copilot start going through the checklist. I start to get the FMC programmed once the ADIRS is turned on. 8. Checklist finishes and info bar flashes, alertig me to close the door. 9. I finish the FMC programming, then close the door. 10. Checklist completly stops and will not move forward. Does not recognize door closing. As I said in the beginning, it is hit or miss. During the four times I tried today, three times the checklist stopped when it got to step 9 above. During one of the flights, I even had the GSX services turned off in the ground services section of MCDU3. The *only* thing that may play into this is sometimes I turn on the KEYB INPUT ON to enter FMC items, and then turn it off. I cannot, however, recall if the checklist freeze is because of that fact. I am not new to Aerosoft Airbus series or GSX. This is just the most baffling thing to me. Best regards. Todd
  14. Understood Hanse. So is it safe to say that the lesson learned is that for airports with no GSX identity or familiarity, turn off the GSX function. If not then it leads to the glitch where the checklist stops after a manual engine start.
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. I am very famliar with the processes of using GSX with the Airbus series as I also own the Airbus Professional series (318-321) for both FSX and P3D4. I typically use GSX and have it set in the MCDU3 options. As far as the issue, let me see if I can explain better... As I stated initially in my post, the key point I was trying to explain is that I was at an Airport that GSX did not recognize for services as it had no ramp spots. Because of no spots, I continued with the checklist as normal. I did not turn off the GSX option in the MCDU as I assumed that I could just use checklist as normal. IEverything continues as normal.and then it got to the point in the checklist where the infobar showed "follow GSX instructions. I did a manual engine start. The engines stabilized and the infobar cleared. Then the checklist would not continue...and yes , my parking breaks were set. The checklist stopped completely. Hopefully this explains it better. I will duplicate again today.
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