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  1. I apologize upfront for piggybacking, but I am having the same issue. I have uninstalled the aircraft and reinstalled. I have disabled the AV for installation, allowed exceptions through the firewall; I have tried everything I can think of and it just refuses to connect. Attached is the log and the AsInfo file. Regards, Nat ASUpdater_App_Log.zip AsVerInfo20210828.zip
  2. Thanks Tom! I appreciate the quick response. As a follow on question, is there a way that I can permanently shift the FSPS Account over to Aerosoft? Thanks again! Todd
  3. The FSPS Store is directing me to contact Aerosoft directly to update my Airbuses as they are no longer hosting files it looks like. I have also posted a ticket. Is there anything else I need to do? Thanks! Todd
  4. Appears to be working now. Did not do anything. It fixed itself.
  5. I reloaded the aircraft a couple of times last night and had no luck. I will try again this evening and will let you know.
  6. Understood. I appreciate the response back. Please do not take offense regarding what I am about to say. I am only thinking of new purchasers; those who may not familiar with the aircraft. How would they know that these new functions or process exist when the current documentation and graphics within the documents are still showing older items? Please understand that I am not suggesting a full rewrite. I know that takes a lot of time and effort. I am only suggesting that maybe a small addendum could be attached with the documentation that could outline some of these new or revised changes. This way, a new customer understands that the old documents are still valid and the addendum would only covers what has changed procedurally. Stay safe
  7. Will there be any updates to the documentation regarding the new additions and processes provided with Service Pack 2? Stay safe! Regards, Todd
  8. I am having the same issue. Can't get Navigraph to show. Plus, I never had a pop up window show up asking me to verify my Navigraph account.
  9. I am getting ready to do a clean install of the A330 Pro. Per your Uninstall/Reinstall Procedures, I am to redownload the installer from where I purchased the aircraft. I purchased the Aircraft from Aerosoft, however, it is still showing Version: (P3DV4) in my download list. Isn't the newest stable version and the hot fix? Should I wait until the download file is updated to and then do the re-install? For my A318-A321 Pro aircraft, I puchased them through the FSPS store. Do I need to wait until they get the latest update from you before downloading as well? Again, this is iin regards to a clean install. Thanks! Nat
  10. And please, please, please do not tell people to just use the Step-by-Step instructions from the smaller Buses (Vol 6). People who are buying the A330 but have never owned the other Buses should not have chase down a tutorial. When the A330 was released, it was understood that there was a delay with the tutorial. The issue was clearly explained and was, for the most part, accepted. Subsequently, as this same question was asked in other threads, the responses were typically that it was going to be finished. In fact, in the thread below, the indication was that the tutorial would be completed. That was back in March. This is really not fair to those who have been waiting patiently for the tutorial as well as *new* customers who may be picking up the aircraft for the first time, but have to look elsewhere to find a good tutorial for a product that should have one; that has been promised one. So please Aerosoft, just make a decision. I have owned the product since its release so a tutorial does me no good. But how about we take care of new customers...please. Keep making good things happen for all simmers!
  11. It is hit or miss with the London area. Sometimes I see an FPS issue, sometimes I don't. I flew a flight yesterday from EGKK to EDDT. I had the FPS hit twice: Once while leave the Gatwick area and again passing 10,000 feet over the English coast. Fortunately they were minor and I had no other issues beyond that. I also watched the FPS closely this time and I stand corrected. I saw that the FPS started dropping to under 18 before the aircraft pitched, just as you had mentioned before. Best Regards
  12. Masterhawk and Secondator, Thank youy both for your response. I appreciate the explanation. I will continue to troubleshooot on my end. In terms of the most recent flight I flew, it was from LIMJ to EGCC. I had a bucking incident twice enroute, but had no issues when setting up for approach and final to EGCC. I have the ORBX England scenery as well. Also, for Masterhawk, in my case, every time the pitching happens first as my FPS starts to reduce. For example, I will be cruising along at 55 FPS, then all the sudden it will start pitching and as I am looking at the FPS indicator, it slowly reduces form from 55 to 4. The frames increase as the pitching stops. Maybe we are both saying the same thing. However, I will watch it again closely for my next flight and record it. If it is different, I will let you know. Again, I thank you both for your response. I understand the issue now, which is helpful. Thanks and stay safe!
  13. Secondator, I sincerely appreciate the feedback. I ask that you, and any of the Aerosoft staff, do not take offense as to what I am about to say. I support Aerosoft completely which is why I, and I assume Fabio, are trying to get this figured out. I love the aircraft and enjoy flying all the models, however, this FPS issue really needs to be looked at. This issue did not start for me until around version of the Baby Buses. I thought that it was just an anomoly as it didn't happen all the time. However, with version, it is more pronounced. It happens to me at least two to three times in a flight. I will be flying along when suddenly, the aircraft will start to violently pitch. While it is pitching, the FPS go down to 4. Once it stops pitching, then the model plays catchup. This happens even with no weather injection of any kind. I find it uniquely strange that every other aircraft that I fly in in P3D4.5 does not have this issue. Even your CRJ's do not have this issue when I fly them. There just has to be something within the model that is affecting this. Could it be EFB inputs? Could it be something within the Immersion.dll file? Could it be an issue as it relates to P3D5 graphic requirements versus P3D4.5? Are the paints the same? I am just trying to figure this out. I should not have to change my FPS to accomodate one aircraft when all other aircraft I fly are working fine with no FPS issue. Again, I just want to help and see if there is anything that can be tested or done to try to figure this out. I have a pretty robust system as well. My basic specs are below. If you need more info let me know: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz 32GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 1TB and 2TB EVO SSD drives Again, I thank you for getting back to me. Best regards, and stay safe!
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