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  1. Yeah I'm impressed by how close it is, I don't really mind the difference in timings, just thought I might bring it to your attention. The sound especially is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Thanks for replying and take care
  2. Hello everyone, hope you're all doing well. It seems the Trent 700 spools up a bit too quickly from idle while also taking too long to match my thrust setting (not takeoff thrust, just ~50% for engine stabilization). I have attached a video of an A330 Trent 700 cockpit takeoff next to a takeoff I conducted in P3D (all showing the ECAM) to show what I mean. I have made sure the thrust lever movement from idle to ~50% occurs at the same on both sides to ensure a fair comparison. In the cockpit video, N1 slowly increases when the howl is audible (0:01 - 0:04), then it increases quickly until the target EPR value is reached (0:04 - 0:05), where it stops sharply. In the simulator however, N1 seems to increase a bit faster than what's shown in the real-life footage (0:01 - 0:04), but then it slows down too far away from the target EPR value, making it take quite a while to match the target EPR value (0:04 - 0:08). I am not sure if the differing weather conditions of the real-life footage compared to the simulator changes the way the engines respond, but it seems like other videos of the real Trent 700 show the same spool behavior. This isn't a serious bug or anything, it's just something I thought I would bring to your attention in case it's actually something that needs to be fixed. Hope it helps Spool Comparison.mp4
  3. Hello Aerosoft, Great job on the A330! Just had my first flight and it was awesome. However, there's one thing I noticed; the cockpit howl sounds are a little too loud for my taste. Of course I didn't want to write about such a minor issue especially because I could always lower the volume myself. So I tried importing the Trent700_Howl_Cock_L.wav and Trent700_Howl_Cock_R.wav files found in the Sound_ASC folder into my video editor to lower the volume manually. Then I overwrote those files in Sound_ASC with my new ones (which are by the way are rendered as .wav with a 44100Hz sampling rate and a mono audio channel just like the original files) but whenever I load up the take-off scenario in the A330 and the engines finish starting up (AVAIL is displayed), a CTD occurs just before the howl is supposed to be played because of a faulting module called ASC.dll. It was definitely caused by the new audio files because when I copied the original files back, there were no CTD issues. Could anyone please help me with this? It would make this bird perfect for me if I'm able to get my sound files to work. Thank you
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