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  1. Colin did you get it working? I installed twice and my trim handle or indicator does not move either so I can't set my trim before takeoff. Will try a reinstall again this weekend I guess.
  2. Perhaps optional but I never flew one that didn't have it - And you could bust a checkride climbing with the VS hold. Once above @FL220 heavy you could get in deep behind the L/D curve if not careful and very attentive and have no other option that to descend to get your speed back up. :)
  3. I was lucky enough to have some time in the DC-8 and well and DC-9 and other early turbojets - Being that very set airspeeds are needed for efficient climb to higher flight levels I would love to see an implemented IAS hold mode with a speed bug... It was the only way we climbed - VS hold requires a lot of baby-sitting. Well done on this product!
  4. Okay since I see this question ALL over the Internet and no one has EVER been able to fix it I dug around for a few hours last night and here is what I found that solved it! When Steam FSX does the install it sticks an Airbus folder down in the FSX/DLC/5XXXX folder of FSX that has all the required configs and files - This Airbus folder ACTUALLY belongs in the Aerosoft folder of your My Documents area. I simply copied the entire Airbus folder into the Aerosoft folder in my Documents and all works now. It's a shame so may people gave up on this - I have been trying to get it to work for months.
  5. Did a reinstall of Steam FSX as well as the full Airbus package and ran Steam as Admin while doing so. Now when I launch the Fuel Planner or the Configurator it says I am missing files and they indeed aren't there - Antivirus was disabled but looked ad history just in case and shows no quarantine. It all worked fine before so I am stumped. Thanks! Airbus.rtf
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