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  1. Hi. Is this normal? P3D v4.5. I mean, seems that textures have been taken from Google Maps or a sort of. Is this the quality of the scenery Bologna X or there's a fault in my settings? (The airport is above all other sceneries, except the ORBX ones that are greyed out)
  3. We crossed all USA till New York City. Puff! Now start the last part of this adventure.
  4. 07/12 - 08/12 WOW! We landed at KOMA with 21 pounds of fuel and one engine! I miscalculated the fuel consumption on 150nm route at 5.500 feet. Damned me! PUFF!
  5. AMERICA! 3-4-5/12 again on schedule. Great save! It's so nice to see how we save fuel in the last leg. High quote and slow fly.
  6. We are 3 legs behind the schedule. Today, 04/12, we have to flight 2 legs and arrive to USA kissing Canada. On 03/12 Maurice took the yoke. He's more precise than me with ILS. Here's at PAYA.
  7. On 01/12 we continued over the Alaska and arrived at Homer... doh... in a beatiful Alaskan Night.
  8. Today, 29/11, a blind day and a marvellous one. The blinding was mainly due at the alaskan clouds. The amazing at the PAJC airport. Wonderful location. And we broke 50 hrs of flying time! Lucille will paint a celebrating flag of Alaska.
  9. On 24/11 the finish line was a conic ice cream. The skyline was similiar to a Stanislaw Lem panorama.
  10. 24/11 Today, our Black Friday is a White Friday. It seems a lunar landscape.
  11. On 22/11 this is what happened: low flat clouds below us and freezing air. Isles of Alaska are mesmerizing.
  12. 21/11 Today starts the toughest part of the big-trip. Alaska... Snow in Russia, in Kamchatka. A job for a Twin Otter. We are sorrounded by the giant Koryaksky volcano.
  13. Today, 21/11, we are facing the longest route of entire travel. 711,6 nm... On a Twin Otter... It's raining, and it's cold. But we have 52 knots wind at our back. And it's marvellous for fuel saving.
  14. On 16/11 we flew in Russia at dusk. Lucille was furious about the flying hour choice by me and Maurice. Not the safety one.
  15. Japan my love. Here we are. Yesterday was a hard route. Over the ocean for hours. (with new flags on our airframe) When we saw the nippon land was a liberation.
  16. Leaving China for Taiwan, today. A simple flight. We broke 50 hrs goal of flight time, and we have almost burned 20.000 lbs of fuel... Pff! Lucille is thrilled. Tonight we'll celebrate.
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