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  1. Anybody else got no airport charts?
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    OKay, so in other words; they are basically useless? And the Issue regarding the Safegates? (NOT the one from above) they still point me in the wrong spot. Example: STOP to early or correct left when on the centerline.
  3. Hello, I still have a parking system problem with this particular scenery. As one can see in the screenshots, from the VC perspective the A320 I've flown, is in the perfect spot. However as soon as I switch the cam outside you can see that's obviously not the case, and on top of that, it's not 5cm. All software used is installed in the most current version, the sim is P3DV4.5. ALL other sceneries from ANY developer work fine except EDDF. This problem is not limited to this single stand instead this issue seems to affect a variety of positions, while remote or at the gate does not
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