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  1. Anybody else got no airport charts?
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    OKay, so in other words; they are basically useless? And the Issue regarding the Safegates? (NOT the one from above) they still point me in the wrong spot. Example: STOP to early or correct left when on the centerline.
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    Hello, I still have a parking system problem with this particular scenery. As one can see in the screenshots, from the VC perspective the A320 I've flown, is in the perfect spot. However as soon as I switch the cam outside you can see that's obviously not the case, and on top of that, it's not 5cm. All software used is installed in the most current version, the sim is P3DV4.5. ALL other sceneries from ANY developer work fine except EDDF. This problem is not limited to this single stand instead this issue seems to affect a variety of positions, while remote or at the gate does not matter. How can I solve this issue? EDIT: The GSX marshaller, unfortunately not visible anymore as he despawned, seemed to show the correct spot as he was indicating, while I was standing at this very moment, to pull further into the stand. So that means that GSX was able to locate a, more or less precise, stop spot.
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    Okay, that made me wonder because every A/C worked like a charm just the Bus didn't. Anyway, my question has been answered - thread can be closed. Thanks
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    So it can be smoothly deployed to any stage?
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    Hi all, Will this new version feature a speedbrake which isn't 70% or 0? I have the old busses and there the spoiler axis gave me this.
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    Okay it seems I'm nearly alone with the opinion. Only thing I know is that my prof in Softwareengineering would immediately give me a 5 (D) with a friendly goodbye for this.
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    No offense but let me get this straight: How difficult is it to discover these issues? Okay the pole thing at gate B45 may be a bit hard but that the AGNIS is not working as it should? You notice that the second you load up the sim at any gate I tested (around 20) For real? Ever heard Beta testing?
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    V4.1 Good thought I'm the only one.
  10. Hi all, Having 2 extremely annoying problems with the airports AGNIS. The first one is visible in both screenshots; Everytime, when I load up the Simulator the AGNIS is showing things like too far or is giving me directions. The outside view reveals that the system is correct and the A/C is not where it should be. No jumping or anything happend so the A/C is not causing this behaviour. How to fix this? The other one is visible in the second shot. Here the problem is that some kind of pole is going through the parking system. Looks ugly, feels ugly, is ugly because TOO FAR is not affected by this but direction assigments are. Means, that the red arrows on the left are partially, or completely invisible. Also like 7 V gates are missing while they certainly are in the charts provided. EDIT: I also noticed that I have to park my A/C a bit to the right side of the center line. You can clearly see this by comparing the position of the A/C in SC 3 with the assignment in SC 1.
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