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  1. Check out @CRJisBAEwho is a real world pilot who flies the CRJ for a commercial airline. He is offering to answer questions in this forum. Thread link below
  2. I just downloaded the new 1.0.5 and flew the CRJ 700 using LNAV, SID, STAR, via FMC mode and ILS approach via VOR/LOC1 mode from KMCO to KATL without any LNAV issues what so ever! Thank you Hans!! You should have a beer or two or perhaps three. Regards
  3. +2. Hats off to the CRJ 700/900 developers...love flying it and can't see how one can say in other forums like Avsim it is "un-flyable". its very flyable and love the change from autothrottles (A320s and B737) to manual thrust. The only minor bug (which is currently being fixed) I've experienced is the LNAV glitch that occurs SOMETIMES on very long(200+nm) distances between waypoints (which is easy to correct with heading hold for a moment). Very flyable and enjoyable THANKS Aerosoft!! This was my first Aerosoft product and now plan to get your Airbus A320. Herky20 I'll be watching MCE. Thanks for headsup.
  4. Hi Hans, You are very welcomed! I love flying your CRJ 700 and 900! I have no doubt that you will the fix the random LNAV issue in the future, but quite honestly, this issue forced me to do more manual flying which made me appreciate how fun it is to fly this aircraft model. I say random because on some flights, LNAV works perfectly.
  5. Hi etrpilot, I tried to enter into the FMS your approach and also crashed FSX sp2/Acceleration edition in Windows 7 (64) using CRJ 700 with latest navigraph navdata. Another approach (nice scenic approach of Lake Tahoe into KRNO) to try and see if a crash occurs is RNAV (z) RWY 34L approach. Because I approach from the northeast (KSLC airport) I select the FMG as the IAP/transition waypoint for the approach. I also fly the MYBAD arrival/STAR. Selecting FMG option will crash FSX every time. The approach is fun to do and very scenic. Also FMG is the correct IAF for a Northeast arrival.
  6. Just FYI to note that caribpilot is not alone. Same here, CTD when I try to select the RNAV runway approach transition waypoint FMG at KRNO RNAV34L. Only difference is that I entered the flight plan into the FMC manually rather than importing from an EFB generated flight plan. 2 times today on back to back flights. This occurred after reinstall Prior versions didn't crash.
  7. OK. I just completed the same flight as Xfalcon750 (KSLC to KDEN) and I too didn't have any LNAV issue like my earlier flight (KDEN to KMSO). The difference between routes is that the KSLC to KDEN didn't have direct to waypoints. It was a SID connected to a STAR. I noticed that the LNAV issue only occurs between direct to waypoint in enroute that are far apart. The KSLC to KDEN was great!! It is a great joy to fly this aircraft and I applaud Aerosoft for the hard work and I know this minor problem will be solved. I will try another flight without direct to waypoint (airways only with SID and STAR) and see what happens.
  8. I would like to retract my comment regarding Heading Select to hold the selected heading. Earlier I had problems but no more on the same flight. I probably was doing something wrong regarding heading select. However, the LNAV issues as explained above and as explained by njflyer still exist. Even after I get it on track with heading select then push NAV for FMC1 it commands a far left turn and continues left at about 60 degree from the plan heading.
  9. Downloaded and installed 1.0.1 and the LNAV problems remain. Heading Select seem more difficult to hold a heading at cruise (38000ft) Same tracking problem as njflyer on flight from KDEN to KMSO. Route: YAMMI4 LAR DLN JIROS. Headwind at 38knots. When turning at LAR from YAMMI4 SID is when the tracking problems start. I kept the Nav Data file that came with the download (did not update to current or use Navigraph). Only addon was weather ASN. The yoke click seem to be hit or miss. The flight dynamics are great!! I know you guys will find the problem at some point. njflyer's comment above is exactly what I'm experiencing. BTW I did not use the " Direct to waypoint" button on the DCU like njflyer, instead I used heading hold but even that had problems tracking a heading.
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