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  1. Hi Mathijs, has this been brought back up yet? It looks like the new Super Hornet and now the 787 have been updated with collimation. Possibly it will be added to the SDK soon?
  2. No need to be sorry at all, thank you for the reply Mathijs, we are looking forward to it!!
  3. Just to chime in ive also noticed this issue, it’s a recipe for disaster, please work on this Aerosoft
  4. thanks for your reply rbringh. I'll make sure I turn off VNAV and have an altitude captured before arming approach next time, I think this may be the issue.
  5. Hi Aerosoft guys, I know this is an Asobo SDK issue. I have asked there a few times and they just merge the threads and no update from Asobo whatsoever. Have you guys been in talks with them about this issue and gotten anywhere? it would really help your product and others to have this feature. Sorry to clog up your forum with SDK issues but I figured I would ask and see if you have gotten any news about it. thank you
  6. Hi, I’m in no way a CRJ expert so I may be doing something wrong. when I level off at the FAF and arm approach mode, sometimes it goes into VGP mode so therefore the autopilot really does nothing. if I fiddle with the MCP a bit I can usually get it to go into LOC1 / GS mode. Any tips to avoid going into VGP mode? Thank you guys.
  7. This happens with lots of airliners IRL. You can't go fast at full deflection of the nosewheel. I've seen smoke from tires onto the runway multiple times because they took it a bit too fast. Unfortunately no sim seems to get the tire smoke and skid correct when this happens. This is more what it would look like when you take that sharp fast turn at full deflection:
  8. Already been answered in multiple threads that it isn't possible with Asobo's SDK. The 787's HUD was not collimated correctly last I checked. Maybe better than CRJ, but it isn't correct. If this had been changed, Aerosoft would implement collimated HUD already as with their previous CRJ Pro. They are not able to.
  9. First, last, and worst time. Since there's nothing else for us to fly while we wait... No fault to Aerosoft of course. MS just needs to fast-track updates to models they've already approved. It makes no sense to send trusted updates from a trusted vendor through a verification process, especially when M$ allows hot trash like Bredok3D on the marketplace. If they have no standards then what's the point of a weeklong verification process on EVERY SINGLE ITEM.
  10. I didn't catch it either, was hoping someone did here. Only other thing I can think of is jump in and test it out, but I didn't see any updates get downloaded so I have my doubts we even have the current version on MS Store, unfortunately it has bad reputation on timing already. EDIT: Did a bit of digging real quick on version threads and found the current MS Store version to be (from Mathijs). So not updated yet. Already beginning to regret my choice of vendor...
  11. It really is that hard to correct when Asobo doesn't provide support with the SDK. This has also been answered multiple times. Perhaps they did not answer you because you were rude.
  12. Hi all, Mathijs states the new version is called V1.0.0.1. According to MS Store, my CRJ is v0.1.2. Apologies if this is addressed elsewhere, but why the discrepancy in version number? Am I on the latest version? Or will we be waiting a few weeks for update to arrive on MSFS store?
  13. I'm sure I speak for us all saying I'm having a blast with the CRJ. Therefore I am curious as to what Aerosoft is prioritizing now that release has happened. In other words, any hints as to what changes we should expect for a first update?
  14. I understand, Stefan - Marco, if you're looking still, did you install from MS store? I'll report back if I have any issues again. My issue looked EXACTLY like Marco's and didn't occur until 4 days after install. Very strange.
  15. Looks like a reinstall of the plane fixed it possibly, will do more testing.
  16. Just tried a few more flights and the same issue pops up. Also tried an older Nvidia driver and still it persists. The shadows seem to flicker.
  17. I just got this same issue. It only happens while flying. It also is much more pervasive on video. I will record it next time.
  18. Rolando. Please go fly any of the default MSFS aircraft if you don't want to take the time to learn how to fly something complex like this. This is what we have been waiting almost a year for, so excuse us for being bewildered as to why you'd like Aerosoft to "gamify" this masterpiece.
  19. Sad to hear, but thanks for the response. Hopefully Asobo knows we like our projected HUDs.
  20. The HGS seems flat and not projected. I'm sorry if this is addressed elsewhere as I'm sure it's a sim limitation. But is it at least something we can expect in the future?
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