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  1. Hi guys! It is an interesting subject indeed. Is flex 50 the max flex temp on the crj1000? Lets see if or how it will be improved. No idea if it is a limitation of MSFS2020. Have a nice weekend
  2. My previous thread got closed a bit prematurely. We are talking about two things. What this diagram shows is obviously a clear indication for a flat rating at 30c. Fadec increases the n1 until it reaches oat 30c after that n1 decreases again to prevent overheating. The whole point of flexing is to reduce n1 and not the opposite! The logic in this crj is somehow injecting (flex 40) a full rated toga n1 value for an oat of 40c instead of calculating oat 5c +flex 40 (which leads to a reduction of n1) Basle Airport LFSB 5 C OAT TOGA 86.7 F35 89 ? F40 87.8 ? F45 86.2
  3. Following situation: CRJ700 (flat rating 30c i think) Basle Airport LFSB 5 C OAT TOGA 86.7 F35 89 ? F40 87.8 ? F45 86.2 F50 84.7 When i apply Flex 35 or up to 50 the FADEC commands N1 88.7 which is higher than the full rated Takeoff thrust. These number are a bit off i guess..
  4. Hi! Since when can you retract flaps and move ailerons, spoilerons and elevator without any hydraulic pressure? I turned off all the pumps and waited until the Psi readout showed 0. That must be a bug :) Have a nice evening!
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