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  1. I've just updated windows to 1903 and it's working fine now - though I've seen the same issue also posted with 1903 so not sure what has caused it and magically fixed. Thanks for your guys' time.
  2. I've had PFPX for years and it's worked fine, I'm currently running WIN10 1809 and haven't changed anything to PFPX apart from adding aircraft files etc which have all been deleted during multiple reinstalls trying to get it to work.
  3. Hi Tom, thanks for the speedy reply I tried reinstalling these and restarting the PC and no luck. Still not responding when opened
  4. Hi, I saw an old post with this same issue but no decisive fix was reached. When I start PFPX it doesn't fully load and clicking anywhere on the screen causes it to not respond and ultimately crash. Here is the error given.
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