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  1. I've just updated windows to 1903 and it's working fine now - though I've seen the same issue also posted with 1903 so not sure what has caused it and magically fixed. Thanks for your guys' time.
  2. I've had PFPX for years and it's worked fine, I'm currently running WIN10 1809 and haven't changed anything to PFPX apart from adding aircraft files etc which have all been deleted during multiple reinstalls trying to get it to work.
  3. Hi Tom, thanks for the speedy reply I tried reinstalling these and restarting the PC and no luck. Still not responding when opened
  4. Hi, I saw an old post with this same issue but no decisive fix was reached. When I start PFPX it doesn't fully load and clicking anywhere on the screen causes it to not respond and ultimately crash. Here is the error given.
  5. Apologies if I am opening an already resolved issue but after a thorough search could not find anything definitive. After (correctly) manually installing liveries for the A320, the engine textures in the sim just appear black. I have tried countless reinstalls of both aircraft and liveries and can not find a fix. Also after a fresh install of the A320, upon using the livery manager it tells me "This livery is already installed" yet the list of installed liveries is blank, there are no extra livery files in Simobjects and the aircraft.cfg does not contain any other livery information than the default. Hope you can help resolve some of these issues. Regards, Charlie.
  6. ch4rles50

    Missing files

    I went to install it manually, however this is the first time I've ever noticed that the files are missing so I've no idea how long/why they were deleted.
  7. ch4rles50

    Missing files

    Hello, I purchased the A320/321 nearly a year ago through steam, and have had no issues until now. I've gone to add more liveries and all of the SimObject files are missing, and adding scenery to the blank aircraft database doesn't work.
  8. one day I will figure out how to work this thing I swear . . .
  9. A lovely view of cloudy Britain, featuring many many streetlights. 2017-10-7_19-25-28-709 (2).BMP
  10. An RAF A400m giving a wave from the rear ramp to the British countryside on a multi-leg flight. EGVN - TPBP - TUPW
  11. I had a beautiful tail picture to post in the competition, but by the time I'd posted it in the forum you couldn't see because it was too dark, couldn't see any way to delete posts and didn't really have any comments about any other entries so just tried to leave it as blank as possible
  12. Cheers, this solved most of my issues. Can't believe I missed something so simple.
  13. Flying regular company routes from and to London Gatwick (EGKK) on Vatsim, I am finding more and more often that the SID/STAR I am assigned by departure clearance/London centre isn't an option on the MCDU. This is getting increasingly irritating having to ask busy controllers for radar vectors to the ILS. As an example, planning a return flight from Venice my routing ends in KUNAV, which would lead me to predict being assigned the TIMBA4B arrival (TIMB4B). However this arrival isn't on the MCDU, leading me back to my initial problem. Below is the list of TIMBA STARs for Gatwick, with no TIMB4B on the list. Hope you can help, cheers.
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