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  1. Sorry to answer with retard, and thanks a lot, Dron960. But I'm not sure to understand and I'm perhaps quite stupid. Do I rename the xxxx.AD.bgl ? And how to find the name of the old file afcad ?
  2. Hi, and thanks a lot for both of you, but I need help to know what I must do after I've edited the runway with ADE. i've already did it and the file is xxxx.ADE.bgl and I want to replace the runay in LFMN from Aerosoft. Have a good day.
  3. Hi to everybody, I'm the owner of some Airports Aerosoft I've downloaded. But the heading of some runways change so, ILS is wrong when I use AIRACDATA Navigraph. I use AEI Airport Editor and I've changed the heading of 2 runways at LFMN with bgl : 41° But after that, I don't know how to record the changes and correct the airport. My last flight with Majestic DASH Q400 from ELLX to LFMN was nice, but I missed the landing = the runway 04R was too at the right of the real. So, hoping someone could help me, take care of you (covid) and thanks in advance. Aviajeff / Jean-Francois
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