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  1. I just want to say marvelous job with the A330! I am hooked! Also the time acceleration does (Mileage may vary, system depending, use at own discretion) work me! (I use 8x and the long haul flights are smooth!!) One question I do ask, can the Fly by wire logic be implemented in the smaller busses just like the A330?
  2. Thanks for clarification! Another question, did the "Bus accelerated time" profile come with the A320 professional series? Or this brand new to A330? I do not recall seeing one in the A320 series installation.
  3. I might have missed this post but do correct me, will this product support time acceleration for the long haul flights? (Such as 8x or 16x)
  4. I too have done a clean install and still I too am having the same exact issue.
  5. I too am having the same exact issues. I am using P3Dv4.3 (A clean install), along with v1.1
  6. I'll keep trial and erroring, hopefully something on my end that I'm trying to narrow down,
  7. I spoke too soon, apparently the problem still persists, it strangely only happens from a certain distance from the airport, it's as if the dynamic lighting only extends to certain radius.
  8. I uninstalled EDDF and did a clean reinstall, the lights are also working on arrival into FRA as well!
  9. So I uninstalled EGLL and did a clean reinstall of EGLL v1.01 into P3Dv4.2, I can confirm the lights are working upon arrival into the airport! I will report back for EDDF.
  10. So I updated to P3D v4.2, and still the same problem is there.
  11. I use P3Dv4.1, Mega Airport London Heathrow professional v1.01, Mega Airport Frankfurt V2.0 professional v1.00. Worse case scenario if no fix is available I can wait until P3Dv4.2 is released.
  12. First off I would like to thank the devs for creating these amazing airports! I only have one minor issue with the dynamic lights at these two airports. The dynamic lights do show when I spawn at these airports, but when I make an arrival into the airports (Example OMDB-EDDF or KLAX-EGLL), the dynamic lights are gone. The dynamic lights do appear when I depart these airports, but they seem to have vanished when ever I arrive into EDDF or EGLL.
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