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  1. Hey Hans, you should really stop being so rude to your customers simply reporting that the CRJ is LITTERED with bugs. Even after the CRJ hot fix that was "supposed" to fix the flightpath issues, they are still present. After a flight today, the CRJ wouldn't even turn to follow it's flightpath, and I would have to manually turn the aircraft every single time. In addition, it can't even stay on a straight line and continues to veer off the path. Pretty un-flyable at this point. Sad. Go ahead and down vote my comment all you want. But it's the truth
  2. Hello, I am having extreme frustration in engaging the autopilot. No matter what I do, it will just automatically disengage. I've tried everything, lining up right on the flight path, right with the Flight Director, and it still won't engage. I've read some suggestions about trim but I'm not an expert with this and I have no idea how to do that. I've tried 3 flights all to have ended because I can't engage the autopilot. Is there a way to turn off the realistic AP engagement? I am very frustrated with this. Thank you