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  1. Ok, I was just checking. I assumed aerosoft would use the manufacturer speed. As far as airline restricted speeds, i've never heard of it being set to something different because it's easier to remember. On the 200 for example, one of airlines I've flown for restricted deployment of flaps 8 and 20 on the 200 to 200 kts, but you could speed up to the manufacturer recommended speed afterwards.
  2. Your flap 20 speed sounds like an airline specific speed and not the manufacturer. I'd hope we're using manufacturer speeds in the sim.
  3. Thanks for replying again. I was really disappointed last night, just in general. I wanted to come back to tell you I got it working. Suggestion number 3 seems to have been what I needed. My Navigraph Manager gave me an error when I tried to start it up and it had something to do with a missing file/C++. I have an all in one C++ installer and reinstalled all of them on my computer. That seems to have worked. I flew it and everything seems fine. I do have one question though...have we not got the advisory VNAV on the MFD working yet? The one that gives a rate of descent to the next waypoint if it's lower.
  4. I uninstalled, restarted, installed as admin, restarted, loaded a default aircraft, then changed to the CRJ, still the same. Almost ready to give up unfortunately. I really wanted to use this for training/work.
  5. My FSX is in Program Files x86. I started FSX as an admin but no luck. I also checked to make sure I had the aerosoft/digitalaviation crj and I do. I'm at a loss as far as what to do. I could try to download and reinstall simconnect. I'm not sure what to do with any C++ type files/downloads.
  6. Thank you mathijs. I'll start working/looking at those three things and post the results.
  7. I haven't been able to fly the CRJ since prior to At that time, whenever I'd load the CRJ in FSX it would just crash the sim back to desktop. I waited til the next update which is the current and now I can not manipulate anything in the cockpit. I can't turn dave on and non of my controls move the yoke nor can I click on anything in the cockpit. The yoke is in a full left bank. I just can't figure it out. I uninstalled and reinstalled the aircraft but nothing changed. Everything is fine in my other aircraft. Any help would be appreciated. If you need me to post anything please let me know. Thanks ahead of time.
  8. Reduced thrust is found using the FMS in most cases. We don't have that function. In other cases its found using values found on paperwork we get for each flight, we don't have that either, here.
  9. I stopped flying it, since I figured there would be another update by now. Is there one planned, hopefully soon?
  10. There are still some other things that need to be addressed on top of what's been mention. One is 'cleaning up the box' when you're setting up for the approach. IIRC, the manual states that when you're within 30nm of the airport and you bring up an intersection from the approach, it will clear all the waypoints you have, except the ones of the approach and give you an extended centerline of the runway. As it is now, you'll just get a line from you to the intersection you brought up into the magenta and that shouldn't happen.
  11. I have a green Collins FMS manual and some other documentation. I'll go dig them up and see if there's anything on that subject. If I can't find anything specific I can contact our training department which is 20 min away from my house and see if they can give us some direction.
  12. Thank you Hans. I appreciate your attention to detail AND the fact that you will make adjustments when needed. Again, I hope none of this comes across as complaining or saying you guys don't do a good job. That is no my intention what so ever. To be honest, other than using this for myself, there are a lot of other pilots at my airline and others that use flight sims and I'd like to use this CRJ to help others in training, when everything gets ironed out. I have a friend that flies 737's for an airline and he uses the PMDG for his own training and helping others get ready for their yearly checks. I want to do the same with the CRJ since there's never been one good enough, until now.
  13. As far as the vnav info that is shown on the MFD, its the same in the 200, 700 and 900 and has been the same at two different airlines I've flown for and when jumpseating in other airlines/crjs. I've never seen anything different in any CRJ or airline.
  14. Check your "account" at the aerosoft store, then in instant downloads. That's one of the ways they are doing updates. When going from to they just made it a complete/new download.
  15. I hope no one is taking my pointing out things as complaining or trying to be negative. That is not my intention. I just want to get the aircraft as close to correct as possible, nothing else. As far as the banana, it does work, sort of. The problem I'm seeing with it is that as you get closer to the descent point, altitude, the banana is creeping closer and closer and you keep having to change your descent rate in increments of 500 fpm or more. In the end, let's say you started off with a 2500 fpm descent to descend 10k, you'll end up at 500 fpm or less by the time you reach the waypoint. In the real aircraft, I normally only have to adjust the rate of descent 100 to MAYBE 300 fpm after the initial descent rate is set. This one seems to change a lot as you descend. Ok, I apologize, I didn't realize. I figured it would be easier to list everything at once since I found so many different things. I can check to see what hasn't been listed and do one per thread, but do you really want me to start that many threads? I don't mind doing it, just clarifying.
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