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  1. It's the Kitty Hawk that comes with the F-14 Tomcat. One of the better carriers for P3D. Not CIMOGT's version. I'm asking in the right place.
  2. It's coming up on two months since I first asked about this issue, so I don't believe it unreasonable to ask if there is any update on a fix. Who is the developer? Best wishes Gary
  3. Hi all I just purchased the F-14 extended yesterday so I'm just figuring it all out, but I cannot figure out why the FLOLS does not display on the Kitty Hawk for me. According to the manual the FLOLS is loaded automatically and "The lens should be visible from within 1.5 miles and does not require any action on part of the pilot to activate (such as tuning a frequency)." I have checked and the gauge is loaded in the panel.cfg. I'm running Windows 10 and P3D v4.5 and do have Tacpack installed. I'm wondering if it's a compatibility issue with version 4.5 of P3D, or if it's a known issue and if there is a fix. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Gary
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