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  1. Well I dont really fly vatsim yet so this shouldn't be an issue now, but helpful advice for the future when i do start using vatsim. Thanks for the info !!
  2. Thanks Michael! I cant find much info on this, but do i have to pay for UT Live?
  3. I got P3D v4, but i quickly realized that it lacked AI. So, I moved my WOAI files from my old FSX : SE folder and moved into my new, P3D v4 folder. However, while it may have added ai, I now know that WOAI is not compatible with p3d, and some planes are invisable, black, and most dont even have landing gear while on the ground. I go through the internet in hopes of finding some good AI, but i do not like the way MT6 ai looks, and UT2 seems only compatible with FSX, as i tried downloading the demo but couldnt get it to work with p3d. I tried changing the install destination to my p3d folder, but that doesn't work. im running out of ideas and i just want to fly with same damn AI!!
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