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  1. Just can't get 4.3 working /; loading nothing even after deleting the regenerative files... hopefully they fix the lightning for airbus a320 for 4.2
  2. Should I bother updating my scenery from 4.0??? I just have soo many scenery addons that I've nearly filled up my 1tb drive (all for v4)my problem is that p3d does nothing, I see it when it's trying to load and in task manager everythings at 0%
  3. I have all off those, I hope to avoid dealing with Orbx, but you just need to update orbx via ftx central right?
  4. I havn't been able to update to 4.3 client, because it crashes my start up scenario selection interface doesn't load (ctd) , and a complete fresh re-install off p3d 4.3 isn't something I'm looking to do as I have a 1tb off addons that would have to be re-installed... not aerosofts fault on the 4.3 client issue, might be my system ^.^ but I will try again to update it to 4.3
  5. Wasn't sure where to put this in the forum so feel free to move it, soo, this picture says everything, also it happens every single second with a random 2second break before it happens again, this was tested in 10different internal views... wodnering if its just me, I also re-installed with prepar3d 4.3content and 4.2client, also tested on2 different a318s and 3different a319s, its widespread on the product... Wondering if anyone else has this problem, and yes I restarted my pc both times it asked me too after installation, I got no errors at all though... so minor bug? I tried turning off trueglass and that didn't change anything as well. Hopefully this will be fixed next patch, and I'm certain this is vc only, I looked around outside and nothing bad there, and I tested it in clear weather and as16 told me it was clear weather, so random...
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