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  1. Pesti_PT

    Bergamo (XPlane 11) released

    This is not the way to go with XP don't be "that Guy" that uses "1302 flatten 1" instead of putting more effort on terrain elevations for sloped rwy's taxi etc.
  2. Pesti_PT

    Bergamo (XPlane 11) released

    Hi, is this scenery being built with correct elevations? will it come with patch file for Ortho4xp? or dev is just using "flatten option"?
  3. Pesti_PT

    Stuttgart EDDS

    Keep up the good work.
  4. Pesti_PT

    Bali WADD

    wow looking forward for later release.
  5. Pesti_PT

    Xplane 11 nose wheel problem

    What version of X-plane are you using? did you calibrate your hardware from inside X-plane?
  6. Pesti_PT

    Xplane 11 low frame rates

    David_wi What add-ons do you have installed?