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  1. I'm familiar with the approach altitudes etc just not sure as to the best way to override the plane's descent. Would the best way to take manual control of the descent rate using the autopilot panel whilst allowing the plane to track its own heading? Adam
  2. Hi, Managed to do my first successful ILS landing in around 8 flights. I believe the issue may have been that I was above the GS whenever I should have been intercepting it. My successful landing was at EGLL. I deleted the last waypoint before the GS was reached and this allowed me to be at 2500ft. Is there any method to ensuring the aircraft always follows the correct descent and isn't above it? Thanks
  3. Hi, Nothing has changed on my system with the exception of me deleting and reinstalling the A320 pack to see if that would solve the issue. I have tried completing the landing with the manual beside me. It seemed to work fine until 2000ft when it stopped descending on the ILS.
  4. Whenever I try to autoland the aircraft, which I was able to do successfully until recently, the aircraft doesn't complete the final descent. For instance, it will capture the ILS localiser and begin descending to 2000 ft. It will not go below 2000 feet if that is displayed on the autopilot panel despite being disengaged. I always ensure I capture the I'm not sure if this is a linked problem but the whenever the go around is set to the correct altitude, e.g. 3000ft for EGAC without being activated, it is not recognising this and the checklist keeps calling out "go-around altitude" on the checklist. This problems are very frustrating whenever they ruin a flight. This frustration is further enhanced by the fact a flight cannot be saved and loaded whilst maintaining the flight plan which it was saved with. Disappointing that payware from a reputable company cannot fulfill this essential task. Adam
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