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  1. Thank you ghs2 I will check that out Thanks Rob
  2. Hi there, I would love to have a Easyjet fleet but I have only found 10 liveries tops.I don't know if anyone could help me out here. I would love to do it myself but I have no clue about doing repaints. Thanks Rob
  3. Hi everyone, ok I have a problem with the Sim wing New Spanish Airports. I hope I am at the right place for some help help here. I installed the product as one does and initially it worked fine. I added all of my other add on airports all of a sudden the ground texture has disappeared at Alicante, Almeria and Barcelona airport. All the other airports on the New Spanish product work fine. If anyone has any suggestions I would be very thankful. I still use FS9 Thank you Rob
  4. Thanks Tom, I am not using the Launcher I have been doing then individually and still comes up with same msg.Grrrrr Rob
  5. Hi Guys, I am trying to er install the following add ons. GA1,GA3, Paris, and AS LPMA. I have purchased these airports via Simmarket and already sent them a ticket. I followed their instruction to the letter to leave the aerosoft download shop marked then fill in the Email address password and serial number. All I get is No secure connection. I have no problems with my other add ons Aerosoft and non aerosoft ones. Any help would be appreciated. Win 7 + FS9 Thank You
  6. Hi Mathijs, Thank you for resulting that A shame because I can't find a decent scenery anymore for the Balearic Airports
  7. Hi Erik, I forgot to mention I have the FS9 version. Thanks anyway
  8. Hi Guys, I was going to purchase the Balearic Island Add on but have noticed that it is no longer available. Will it be back?Where else could I get hold of it? Thanks for any advice. Rob
  9. Hi everyone I hope someone can help me here. I wanted to fly the PMDG MD11 and so I tried to open the load mngr but the following info popped up: E:/Program Files Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator 9/PMDG/MD11LoadManager.exe This application has failed to star because it side by side configuration is incorrect. Please see the app event by using the command line sxstrace.exe tool for more details. The load manger was working recently before I reinstalled everthing. Thanks for any help here. Rob
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