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  1. Yes. I have flown several more hours now in the Airbus family and no issues whatsoever.
  2. All fixed now, I believe. 4 flights in and not one cldrk. Thank you all for the advice.
  3. So this morning I made it to EGKK in the A320 and just as I pulled off the runway she went cldrk. I re-checked the vPilot advanced settings again, all Carenado titled aircraft unticked. As I scrolled back up I noticed 2 Albaeo models, I have now unticked those as something in the back of my mind says that they are connected with carenado ,, is that a possibility?
  4. Good stuff... I just found the same fix mentioned by Mikav mentioned elsewhere on this forum, he advised to untick the carenado products in the matching section of vPilot which I have now done. I shall put in a flight tomorrow morning,, fingers crossed it works and I don't go down over the Englush Channel!
  5. Hi Dave, do you have any more specific detail of how to find the fix? I've just put every string I can think of into their site and it doesnt lead to anything. The word 'Airbus' isn't even found let alone stuff surrounding online shutdowns etc.. so you have no Carenado products installed, I take it you don't suffer with this issue?
  6. Hi Mathijs, I have acted on Nail's comment and my automixture was already off as I had left it. This problem is only occuring when I am logged into vatsim via vPilot. If the mixture was the issue, surely I would have seen this error offline as well? In respect of the carenado issue, is this a realistic root cause and, if so, is uninstalling the carenado products the only resolution? I think the PMDG faultless flight is simply a fluke, for me, it would probably have failed if I flew it enough times but I only switched to it because the Airbus kept going cldrk for me.
  7. YES! I have 3, still installed, does the issue lay with these then? Do I need to uninstall them? I flew the PMDG 737 in the same scenario and the entire flight went as it should.
  8. Flying the a320 this morning 4000kg fuel remaining as I was descending into egkk with vpilot. Heard the throttle click and then cold dark 'appearance' , all screens blank etc., but the checklist continued and the aircraft seem to be still powered in the engines even though the sound was that of cldrk. Have the latest aerosoft update along with p3dv4.5 and latest vpilot using UTL for the skins. Very frustrating.
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