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  1. Has anyone else noticed a hole in the VC on the left side where the instrument panel meets the fuselage?
  2. That's great news! Thank you!
  3. I think a lot of sim float planes feel off because the water friction isn't correct. It takes more effort for an aircraft to move through water than it does to taxi on land. It's most notable when landing when the aircraft doesn't want to stop. I've personally found it to be even more pronounced on a lot of tuboprop float planes where the engines don't truly idle. It's those times when you wish your float plane had an anchor lol
  4. I was wondering if Aerosoft was planning to host another world tour. I had a lot of fun two years ago and would love to do that again!
  5. I would say rain effects, realistic startup, volumetric props, and simulated wear and tear so you have to keep up on maintenance, like some of the A2A planes and the Ants T-28s.
  6. Welcome! This livery should work:
  7. Exactly. Nice to see the CS finally making to airlines despite Boeing's best effort to put them out of business.
  8. Did an evening flight from Trabzon to Tbilisi in the King Air B200. I hope you enjoy!
  9. That mesh looks really good. It should add to the immersion a lot.
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