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  1. A320 NEO LEAP engine. So the a330 are done right yea? could we then add leap engines to 320/321??
  3. Yeah indeed it did work! Thank you mirage!
  4. Aerosoft you must do anything!!!!! We payed for this!
  5. i have just updated my p3d and windows still nothing
  6. dxdiag error on aerosoft a330? My p3d crashes and i recieve dxdiag.exe error etc..? Why??
  7. ooh ok so when the istanbuls airports moves then it would "maybe" be added?
  8. the bus? Its to airbus x (aerosoft) new waypoint
  9. Hi could you guys add the new airport ltfm and publish it as a new waypoint please thank you. https://turkishvirtual.com/turkishvirtual_LTFM_scenery.asp
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