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  1. I am runing FSX SP & flying LS8-18(VERSION 2A DEC 08).I have FSZweverView Recorder installed.All works ok untill i press the last GO on the GPS-NAV which should bring up "ON TASK", but i get ERROR and a black screen.I am used to using the systembut in fsx it has got me baffeld.i am running in Administrator mode. Everything has been reloaded (by new downloads). Can anyone please help Frank Goode
  2. TO BERT & sf4JC Thanks for your help Inow hve wolfgang's new Cambridge set working ,all is ok Thanks FRANK GOODE
  3. HI I am running FSX SP2 and am trying to get Wolfgangs FSX gliders to work using Rodger Clarke write up.I get as far as being asked if both dll's should be trusted and answer affermative. I then get a message FSUIP not linked,on clicking OK you get CTD.Has any any ideas how to make it work. PS. THE MR-FS9-CAISET.GAU IS POST 24/12/2003 Thanks in advance Frank Goode
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