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  1. chilly

    Panels font issue

    Yes. I found this script here and it's working now!! I think the key must be FNTCACHE.DAT because I did all steps manually but didn't know about FNTCACHE.DAT. Now the font works even after reboot.
  2. chilly

    Panels font issue

    Here's some hint. I have found steps how to make the font work again but only till next reboot. :-) Tried several times. Just FYI I have windows creators update installed. Goto Windows font settings. (Settings -> Time&language -> Additional date, time & regional settings -> Region -> Administrative tab -> Language for non-Unicode programs Now change system locale. In my case I'm switching Czech (Czech Republic) <=> English (United States) Reboot windows Start prepard3 several times. The font is working. Reboot windows Start prepard3 several times. Panels are black. NO font. GOTO STEP 1 It doesn't matter if I'm switching from Eng to Cze or vice versa. The result is always the same.
  3. chilly

    Panels font issue

    The font stays installed after reboot. But the procedure from initial post doesn't help anymore.
  4. chilly

    Panels font issue

    Believe it or not, after night the issue is back. Tried the same trick but it didn't help. I can normally use font in MS Word but panels stay black. :-(
  5. chilly

    Panels font issue

    Greetings, I had the same problem with quartz.ttf font as is described in another topic Nothing helped. I tried font reinstall and reboot. Finally, I have found this topic and it worked. I'm still not sure what scenario lead to this situation. After release of P3DV4 the numbers were fine.