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  1. An addendum to this. I guess this wasn't the last update. I just installed the latest update and the issue is somewhat worse, Dave shows nothing now at all. No power at any time and I cannot power it up. Should I try to re-install again? Phil
  2. Hi All I just installed the latest update. I did so by uninstalling the Aircraft. Re-installed clean. However, When I load it, it is cold and dark. Dave is on. But NOTHING on it works. I click anywhere and it does not function at all. I am sure I am missing something. I have the battery on. Can someone point me in the right direction please? Thanks! Phil
  3. So I realised I had some leftover registry entries from FSX. So I removed them and tried again. This screenshot might help you get a better sense of when in the install it is happening. PD
  4. Hey Guys So I did install as admin as I noted in my first post. This didn't seem to make a difference. In terms of P3D missing parts. What parts would that be? I am running P3d v4 Pro and it was an entirely clean install? Thanks for your assistance! Phil
  5. Hey Guys I am trying to install the CRJ 700/900 and keep getting the attached error. Any notion of why this would be? I have tried to install as Admin. And I am trying to install to Prepar3D V4 Thanks in advance!! Phil
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