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  1. 1) Yes i am turning off the autopilot and after touchdown the autoruddur gets off from the sim and i cant move the aircraft so i had to go to setting and turn on autoruddur so this is time consuming so i want to know if there is any fix for it to make it easy for me 2)Yes , as explained above 3) autoruddur on mcdu is turned off, i should turn it on ?? thanks
  2. i will check that well i land manually and this happens , yes i swithc on autoruddur after landing going to setting , which is time consuming so i want to get this fixed
  3. for me in aeroosfft a320 in p3dv3 after landing autoruddur is automaitcally turned off and i have to turn on everytime after landing to move the aircraft , any fix for this ?? . ..
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