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  1. Oliver, I just tested and can confirm that it works for me now Thank you.
  2. I have filed a ticket with Aerosofts Support Desk and after a few texts back and forth I was told today that they will make 1.04 available again in the Shop soon until 1.05 is debugged. Instant Downloads still refers to version 1.05. Lets hope the best.
  3. Since the downloads page in my account in the Aerosoft shop only gives me the option to download v1.05 I have to wait at least until tomorrow until I can try and install the product I assume?
  4. Hi Oliver, thank you for taking the time to reply. I was more or less talking about the "everything" issue but I have attached screenshots ;). Its not P3D I am using but FSX (Boxed, Sp1 and Sp2 installed)... Regards, Daniel
  5. Hi everyone, I have just installed Madeira X Version 1.05 in my FSX but it looks as in post #176. I also ran the "checklist" provided in post #189 to no success. APX43200.bgl and CVX4320bgl of both renamed to *off, both ...ALT.bgl-Files are placed where they should be placed, I have disabled Freemesh X Europe completely) - no succes. Does anyone have another idea? I am getting really frustrated here since I never had any trouble with any Aerosoft product nor did I have to take that many steps to get a product to work. Thank you, Daniel
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