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  2. Hi i trying to do a CRJ 700 cargo , is it possible to have the passanger windows same color as the fuselage. iam new to photoshop not use it often , iam working with autocad solidworks mostly. here is a screen on my first atempt to do a P3D V5 repaint
  3. i run 4k , chaseplane , orbx vector tons of addon scenery, think its lighter on my system then pmdg NGX NGXu and most of the addons , the new CRJ Pro tax the gpu more , the new 330 for example is very light +100fps the crj pro, AS 3xx 70-80 i tune my settings vsync 30hz and use the FSL 3XX ( the hard hitter) to tune when that one have 40-45 i enable vsync
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