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  1. It says the log text was las modified in November 2020 for some reason scenery_packs.ini Log.txt
  2. Thanks for looking to my log txt, but I deleted every single other old SAM plugin got the new one, and also deleted every other scenery of madrid before installing this one, I don’t know why is it not showing on the log text, thanks
  3. Hi here is my log text from my xp11 for you to have a look thanks Log.txt
  4. I have the SAM plugin installed but the sim keeps saying there was an error reading the file 01-Airport and I don’t know what is wrong because I paid for it and is a shame if I can’t use it
  5. Hi all I've installed and paid for the new madrid airport for aerosoft, as the instructions say I got the two folders on custom scenery, I have aswell SAM livery as it requires, the only thing is I go to x plane11 and it says that the madrid lemd airport n1 folder can't read correct so there is not scenery showing on the sim, It could be me doing something wrong, because when I bought it there were 2 downloads{airport} and [mesh], the airport and the mesh ortho, which I don't really know where does the ortho folder goes but if that is not the issue then i don't know
  6. Hello, I've been trying for a few days now but a few days ago I installed the P3d v4 and the aerosoft 320 321 but when the loading is done the aircraft is shown but, there is no GPU and the engines are on and parking brake off, and the rest of the cabin is shut down, also the engine is not correct, so I don't know how to do it to fix it, maybe is a simple thing but I prefer asking than be 1 week trying it by my self. I leave a few screenshots that may help. thanks to all.
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