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  1. I have had P3D V4 with those two addons for a long time and did not have any problem with it, and now when trying to edit the scenery in the config and it doesn't work. Should I still reinstall the whole simulator?
  2. So what do you suggest I do? Should I reinstall everything ?
  3. P3D v¤ is installed in Windows (C:)/Programfiles/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3D V4 And the folder I choose to install it In is the Documents/Aerosoft but then I also tried to install it in Windows (C:)/Programfiles/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3D V4/aerosoft but still got the same issue
  4. When trying to download both the LHR and FRA sceneries at the end of the installment it says "P3D V4 Install Path Could Not Be Found. The sceneries does not install, what should I do now?
  5. Yep I have checked "Livery_Manager_CRJ.exe" and the antivirus program and did not found it there either.
  6. Hi, for a very long time I have not found my CRJ livery manager and I have checked other topics and tried to fix this put I still cannot find my livery manager. What should I do? / Jakob
  7. Hi! I bought the crj 700/900 and I was just trying to download a livery and in the readme text it said that I needed to open the crj livery manager. When I searched for the crj livery manager I didnt find it anywhere. I dont know if you need to download it or if there was some error when I bought it? Anyway I need some help finding or downloading it.Cheers Jakob
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