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  1. If you wanted to, you could turn the APU generator off for a moment and see if the external power picks up. If it doesn't, you can turn the APU generator back on (i.e. it's only off for a second or so) and all will be well. If it does pick up, then you can just turn the APU off, then position the switch back to AUTO. I'm not sure how practical that is in the sim with how quick the buttons react and how long it takes to look at the EICAS to make sure the power transferred correctly, but it is an option.
  2. It shouldn't. As a general rule of thumb, with thrust at idle in the flare you'll see a degree of pitch for every knot below Vref. A normal landing attitude is about 5 degrees up, so you should be touching down at about 5 degrees below Vref. 24 knots seems excessive, you'll strike the tail well before that.
  3. You do get a bit of steering through the pedals, enough to keep you straight on a taxiway, and you could do a high-speed turnoff with it. So if that's what you're seeing then it's accurate. If you're getting more than that then it isn't.
  4. Regarding BANKI: the DIR INTC page does not do a good job of handling at-or-above or at-or-below restrictions. It just shows you the required V/S to get to the fix at the altitude associated with it (in this case, 16000). You're only a short distance away and would have 4000 feet to lose to do that, so that V/S makes sense (this is the reason that you should plan your V/S off of a hard altitude, and then just make sure it meets the requirements of whatever at-or-above or at-or-below restrictions come before that). The blue dot is more direct indication of what your V/S should be at that exact
  5. For the second question, when you have the MFD DATA page displayed on the MFD, select MFD ADV on the CDU and then you can use the Prev and Next keys to move through the pages. As far as where the TOD shows up, there a lot of variables that go into that, so it's tough to say without knowing more about the particular circumstances. You need at least one altitude restriction on the Legs pages to get a TOD, so if you don't have one then you need to make one up, either from a chart (the most likely case) or just from planning how you want to descend. Once you do that it should show up a
  6. Did you have an arrival runway loaded into the FMS at the time? I ran into the same problem myself, and loading a runway fixed it. This doesn't represent the actual airplane, which can fly around all day without an approach in the FMS and the VNAV works fine - but it may be a workaround until a fix can be implemented.
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