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  1. Landing at LEAL in the fabulous A330, always fun to fly.
  2. Nice shots!, I do my performace tests from Orly, LFPO to LFPG is a good FPS test! I'm still on 4.5, not switching to Prepar3d v5 just yet, its not ready, probably won't be ready till v6 is released!, and when v7 is released that will be the time to buy P3D v6! lol.
  3. Getting to grips with FSCaptain in the Aerosoft A318 Professional, not a very safe flight but got there in the end, using new Nvidia driver 441.08 with new image sharpening, nice feature!. Bit of a farcical taxi and parking situation but nevermind.
  4. Just an update: Seems my problem was Orbx Central, caused nothing but problems for me, went back to using FTX Central and all seems well now.
  5. Yes, current version of OC, tried a few insertion points, made no difference. What DID make a big difference was turning off SODE in airport config for ENVA, stutter was a lot shorter and minimal?, are SODE objects loaded from Prepar3d v4 Misc folder?, moved airport to SSD and still got bad stutter until SODE was turned off. My current SODE version is 1.6.4 for GSX 2
  6. I'm getting similar results 10 miles out on approach when airport loads in, huge stutter and fps drop, knocks aircraft into uncontrolled descent. Trondheim-Værnes X V2.0 P3D v4 installed Prepar3d v4.5 i5 2500k @ 4.3 GTX 1060 6gb 20GB RAM Sim on 1T SATA 3 HDD OS on 250GB SSD Windows 10 home No other airport does this and I've got orbx, flyTampa, UK2000, Taxi2Gate, you name it, all work and load fine, can't fiqure out whats wrong?, same results with HIGH, MED and LOW settings in airport config? Do I need to intall on SSD? Is Library placement ok?, its where the installer put it. Once it loads in, its fine, scenery, jetways, lights all ok, works great, its just when its loading in.
  7. Would very much appreciate a Britannia Airways repaint for Airbus X A318.
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