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  1. Re installed and updated to v1.007 and it’s now working prior I think was 1.006 I also did a simbrief setup this time compared to me manually doing it I only entered in the usual weights etc.
  2. Yet I have no issues with FSL who have mastered the A320 perfectly. My point was I have no issues with any other aircraft only the a330 so it’s not me or my settings!
  3. Hang on. I only did a quick set up for the purpose of the video. No flight stuff was really done but even still I did a sid and even after take off it. Wouldn’t connect hence why I had to hand fly it to turn it back. I wasn’t prepared to waste another 45 min in setting it up for it to fail yet again. When I have spare 50 min to waste I’ll try and do a higher quality full set up flight but even still doing a quick flight even on sat PMDG the auto pilot stays on so why is the logic on the a330 any different..
  4. @DaveCT2003 Here a link for you its still happening even after i've done what you mentioned. https://youtu.be/dR9jGJwfjog sorry no sound.
  5. My rudder isnt connected to fsupic its done via p3d it self. ill try and do what u say.
  6. I hiding have any issues with any other model. I use FSUIPC however I have all my files and controls set for my 737 yoke and throttle and that took me a good week to set and configure correctly and I’m not wanting to lose those settings. mum just going to have to wait it out and hopefully you guys sort it out because I can’t afford to lose all those settings. I know it’s no help to you guys but it’s too time confusing to re do it all.
  7. I’ve come to the conclusion the a330 hates my CH Pro Pedals as it keeps banking the rudder to the left which is why the auto pilot isn’t working. I’ve tried to change all settings for it to work tho but still doesn’t like them at all. Might be a glitch with coding ?
  8. No worries I’ll set up a flight and do one. As for the trim I go off of the load page in the MCDU which is what normally auto sets itself on the trim wheel as well. But I do always double check the trim wheel.
  9. Hi guys. I’m so frustrated what am I doing wrong. I’ve never had auto pilot issues in my years of flying the bus from FSL but here it just won’t connect. As soon as I take off get to 1500ft it just won’t stay engaged. I have the latest version too I’m at a loss as I keep setting up for a long haul flight and then once I get in the air I instantly hate it because I have to shut it all down and give up.
  10. I have to add to this mate and I found the following along with 1 and2 above. 4. parking break stops working and won’t re connect when you turn on APU and disconnect the GPU. 5. push back sync doesn’t work at all. We can’t seem to both push spent 2 hours on trying to get it and gave up. 6. started to taxi and flight route deleted itself had to abort takeoff. that’s all I got for now. I hope someone can help.
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