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  1. Hi: You said: "Barcelona is a Professional Version specialy developed for P3D V4 and not only a "free" Straight forwared update of the FSX/P3D V3 Version like Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Malaga, where more or less only the Installer was changed." Sorry but I paid almost $50 for Balearic Islands X Evolution and this product include Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza, and the Aerosoft web page say P3D V4 compatibility, and after you said "The Professional development is not only a recompile of the old code, as some people think, it is a complete technical redesign of the code to fit in performance and coding the needs of the new V4 engine." I would not want to think that I have to pay again for the professional version. Thanks
  2. I tried again and reinstalled the original files with my own backups that i made before to install the first time the envshade and still the same problem, why is the problem envshade like you said, if the Mega Airport Barcelona professional is working correctly with envshade and the Balearic Islands X Evolution is not? I attached 3 pictures of Mega Airport Barcelona professional working perfect with envshade. Thanks
  3. Hi: Before to unistall the envshade i have this settings  Luminosity: 1,30  Bloom: 0,20  Saturation: 1,10. Then I unistalled Envdir and Envshade and the awfully taxiways, approach and runway lights are still there, I think this problem is not caused by envshade, my system is windows 7 and p3dv4.2. Thanks
  4. Hi: I bought Balearic Islands X Evolution (P3D v.4) and i am getting awfully taxiways, approach and runway lights at Mallorca airport, any fix? Thanks.
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