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  1. Hello JRB Thank you for responding to my observation and at least I now have confirmation that there is no formal content definition for DOW and BOW. What raised the issue in my mind is that CRJ User Manual papers refer to DOW and yet in the FMC it is shown as BOW, with the same figure. As I said in my previous post, I am probably being a bit picky but the different acronym prompted me to check if there is a difference. Regards Trevor
  2. Hi This might be a bit picky and I may have misunderstood the definitions of BOW/DOW. From research on the internet it would appear that Basic Operating Weight and Dry Operating Weight mean the same thing. That is is to say they mean: The weight of the aircraft including the crew, all fluids necessary for operating such as engine oil, engine coolant, water, unusable fuel and all operating items and equipment required for flight but excluding usable fuel and the payload. If this is indeed the case then why under the Quick Reference Guide - Weight and Balance (2-1-33), do you show the DOW as 44,731lb and then add to this the crew - surely they all already included in the DOW - assuming of course I have the definition correct? Thank you Trevor
  3. Thank you Marc and Wolfgang for your further input, hopefully Aerosoft will shed some light on the issue. Trevor
  4. Hi Wolfgang Thank you for the work you have done on this, however I am not so sure it's a flaw in the Simbrief Exporter. More I think, something to do with the Pro version of the CRJ. My reasoning is that the Simbrief flight plan format is the same as that used for the pre-pro version where this problem did not occur. As you know, the correct way to automatically import Simbrief flight plans into the FMC is via ROUTE, where the departure and destination ICAO codes are entered as one string - EGBBEINN. Of course, the entire flight plan can be entered manually into the FMC and I did this yesterday without getting the MSG. So, although I very much appreciate your efforts to assist in this matter and your suggestion does help, I don't think we have got to the bottom of it? Something has changed and it's interesting to see that Forum member Marc has the same problem. I have friend here in the UK who also has the pro version of the CRJ and who also had the pre-pro version. He does not appear to be having the same problem as me, yet we have compared CRJ windows folder structures and content and we are identical, which just adds to the mystery! Regards Trevor
  5. Hi Wolfgang Attached is the flight plan which I ran yesterday. Do you happen to know what software is actually being read to create the Message? Regards Trevor EGBBEINN.flp
  6. Hi Wolfgang Firstly, thank you for responding to my issue. I have just checked to make sure everything is in sync and it is. I loaded a new plan from Simbrief and I am still getting the problem as described above? Trevor
  7. Hello I am hoping somebody might be able to assist please. Whenever I load a flight plan (SIMBRIEF) I immediately get a message at the bottom of the FMC window saying 'ROUTE LOADED SEE MSG)'. When I then look at the message it shows: UNKNOWN ENR-STAR_TRANS UNKNOWN SID-ENR-TRANS UNKNOWN APPRTRANS The flightplan does appear to be loading correctly with SID and STAR and indeed the aircraft is responding correctly to the flight plan. Although I did not have the message problem with my previous version of the CRJ, I decided to uninstall it along with the PRO version and simple re-install the latter plus all updates. However this did not resolve the issue. My AIRAC version which I get from Navigraph is up-to-date so I am not sure what is causing the problem and hope somebody can help. My simulator is P3Dv4.5 and includes all hotfixes. Thank you Trevor
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