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  1. I installed ORBX Norway again. I also changed the insertion point further down to be sure. Also activated Norway in config for the Airport. I can now happily inform that it is working as expected //Jonas
  2. I uninstalled ORBX Norway. Now it is working Why does it not work when FTX Norway is installed? There is a setting for that.
  3. Yes. Norway and Global I have thicked in the config page that I have FTX Norway
  4. I know this has been discussed earlier but no answer is given. And the threads that have answers concern older versions of ENGM. I have a new installation of P3D5. I have installed SODE (latest version), SODE VDGS and GSX. I also have installed AS MEGA Oslo I have double jetwas on several stands. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall AS-Oslo but no success. I have tried to turn on and off and on VDGS in ENGM Config tool. No success. I attache my SODE-log and and screen capture to show. Any solution to this? //
  5. Will there be a discount for the third pack also? The pack including stick, throttle, spoiler and flaps?
  6. I have over 100 of theese posts. That is really a problem. It is hopeless to use the "unread posts" It should also be possible to have (like in almost every oyther forum) a possibilty to mark part of the forym read. If I pres "mark forum as read" it will reset the whole forum. It should be possible to mark sub-forums as read
  7. Thank you for answer. An additional question; do you recommend P3D/FS2020 on system-drive (in a proper folder) or on additional drive
  8. Can you please tell, in short, why you advice at least two drives... Just to be clear; i like the idea with more harddrives but curius why you recommend it so strongly.
  9. Maybe it is already covered but reading in many other topics I can see a pattern regarding onedrive from Microsoft. If Onedrive is connected to you "documents" folder it could be the answer to this problem
  10. Ok. I think I want to keep those sounds Ok. I will. Perfect, thanks! It will take a while before I have time to test. Sorry But I highly doubt that it will be problems. Big thanks! //Jonas
  11. I found the link: But they are also with sound. I thought they where empty... Ok... Then all is like it should be. You can close this one. Thanks //J
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