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  1. Thanks! I know how it can be sometimes. So; no worries. //J
  2. Hello I just wonder how far awy the Livery manager for A330 is? Also when will Part 6 of the documentation come? I know that it s a disclaimer on the release that they are not finished. //Jonas
  3. Pro version As stated in first post it is the small buses, in specific 320 I guess you missed the "problem" that I pointerd out. The problem is not if it is on or off. The problem is that the checklist (on second flight) does not pass that item. It keeps repeating itself. "cock pit voice recorder" "cock pit voice recorder" "cock pit voice recorder" "cock pit voice recorder" "cock pit voice recorder" In first flight it ask it once and then it is rectified by pushing the button. The second flight I have to cycle it manually. The FO does not do it like in the first flight. (Hence the post in thios part of the forum: Aerosoft Bus Professional (64 bit, P3D V4)
  4. If I use the internal checklist together with CO-pilot one item in the checklist is "Cockpit Voice Recorder". It is working good. The First officer asks for it and the button is pressed automatic by FO.- After completing a flight there is a banner in the top that informes that the checklist can be started over after about one minute. I then prepare for second flight and also this time using Checklist. This time the FO asks for "Cockpit Voice Recorder" but it do not recognize that the Voice recorder is still on, from previous flight. I have to cycle (off then on) that manually. It is not a big deal but maybe the CVR should be switched off in the parking checklist or if the preparation checklist needs to be modified so it can recognize CVR is already on. //Jonas EDIT: This is in the smaller buses. Do not know how it is in 330.
  5. I guess you have an external view system like EZdok or Chaseplane. Turn Aerosoft internal views off (MCDU3) and it would be good again.
  6. iPad 10 and also on Windows 10 Chrome on my computer
  7. Your interface delivered with A330
  8. I connected my iPad to the WEB MCDU. The problem is that the buttons do not correspond to respective line. Also not all figures are showing on the right side of MCDU. On pic number 1 the flaps and trim are set to "1/UP0.8" but only "1/UP0." ios visible. In pic number 2 you can see that the button are not aligned.
  9. I guess you mean 3.5B One thing I wonder... On download site it now says: You can download this 12 times more. Why do you count updates towards zero? Can you make an updater so I do not have to use my limited downloads for updates.
  10. Already done and also already rectified. Quick respons! Thx!
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