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  1. And following on from previous posts, I am happy to report that ORBX FTX Vector ( released today) works flawlessly with this scenery, with no loss of framerates.
  2. I attach a screenshot showing the ORBX default recommended settings for OpenLC Europe for FTX Global.
  3. It was boiling frustration. If you go back through my posts, you will see that I and many others have had problems from day 1 with Madeira Evolution. I offered some suggestions too. The really funny thing is, in version 1.04 for Prepar3D 3.4, everything had been pretty well fixed and I was enjoying the product. Then Prepar3D v4 came out along with the updated scenery and it all went back to day 1 again. I am 65 years old, not some kiddie and have been flighsimming since the mid 1980s. I bought a machine capable of rendering huge 3DS Max scenes in very quick order, and got very frustrated with what I saw as a very retrograde step. Anyway I apologise unreservedly and will behave in future. Thank you. I am only human after all
  4. Ok then, as I understand it my settings are too high and therefore the mesh is distorted accordingly and there is no cure until someone comes up with a better quality 3D model that the textures "wrap around" properly. But I have a screamingly fast machine and the Madeira archipelago is low res and I do not benefit from this, as such. I suppose there will be a high res version out sometime in the future? Thank you for your thoughts; at least I can understand where the problems now lie. It is good to get to the bottom of it.
  5. I see you censored my previous post. However, in good faith, I attach several screenshots and my graphic settings. Thank you.
  6. Background: I have ORBX Global and Europe Open LC installed + PTA 2.5 on a new P3D v4 install+ latest Hotfix. No other add ons etc. System patched and UTD, no problems with anything else at all, getting 50+ framerates with twin 980Ti SLI and 32GB RAM and Haswell i7 @ 4.3ghz. Problem: I downloaded v 1.05 and answered "yes" to "Do I have ORBX vector installed?" Terrible scenery, looks live Madeira Evolution 1.00 again with all the problems at that time. Horrible. So I uninstalled it from the Control Panel, then downloaded the newer v 1.05a, and replied "no" to the ORBX Vector question (because ORBX haven't yet released that, of course). Absolutely no difference to the scenery from 1.05. Absolutely horrible all round the Island, with houses floating in the air at random, and more so round Ponta do Pargo. The airport itself at Funchal seems fine with no repetition of the crash boxes on the runways, as there were in previous versions. The vegetation is washed out, and the roads bend in impossible ways down cliffs etc. Houses float on cliff sides (especially round Garajau) and the roads themselves appear to be a combination of photoscenery with static pictures of flattened vehicles, to proper roads with vehicles on them (the bridge turning point onto the lights for the runway is fine and has moving traffic). Verdict: It's just a mess, has been more or less a problem since version 1.00, was OK in version 1.04 for Prepar3D 3.4 but has reverted with a vengeance to an unusable state with v 1.05 and 1.05a. In my opinion the product is clearly not fit for purpose and I would like to claim a full refund. I certainly won't be buying, nor recommending, Aerosoft scenery ever again. You should be ashamed of yourselves for releasing such an unfit product to market. Finally: I am open to suggestions for a fix, but don't hold out much hope...
  7. OK stupid question and 1 observation. Question: are all vertices welded and polygons co-planar where necessary and unnecessary polygons (ie invisible to user or back-facing) removed? I am a 3DS Max person but have not developed for Flight Sim so this may not be necessary. Observation: You must have known this was so buggy yet you still released it causing all sorts of problems (or you didn't test, it but I cannot believe that). It is NOT the users' job to test your products. Frankly, I am annoyed. Yes I can uninstall or ask for my money back but that's not the point. I just want a reasonable working product and if I want crash detection on, I should be able to have it! Disabling part of the flight sim is NOT a good solution. In my opinion.
  8. All done but still a massive crash point coming off the taxiway on to runway 23. I have now turned back off crash detection for Madeira
  9. Is there an update installer or do I just re-download the product again and over-install? Thank you.
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