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  1. Hi Mathijs, just wanted to add my thanks to you for making this idea happen. It's been great fun planning and flying the legs, going to airports not previously visited and writing up the log afterwards. And reading the logs of the other pilots too, many who took the story telling around the adventure to new highs. Great fun. What will it be in 2018? Cheers, James
  2. Looks like the spreadsheet wasn't readable, so here it is again, better now missing out the rest days, And the final map,
  3. Hi JP, thanks for comment, sharing the drink in the cockpit and the picture of your setup. That's very impressive. I'm probably not going to post a picture of me at my Sony Vaio laptop, 2nd monitor (for Navigraph charts) and Logitech 3D Pro stick. It does the job (just), but FSX does run it at the limit with the chipset fan making more noise than the Dash 8 itself! This adventure has been a great shared experience - good luck in the future, James
  4. Hi kalizzi, thanks for your comments, likewise to you, great log, great pictures, including one of Biggin Hill where I rocked up yesterday in foggy conditions. Hope you enjoyed the drink. Good flying, cheers, James
  5. Thanks to JP, Mathijs and kalizzi for their comments. Here's a bit of a summary of the numbers, starting with the spreadsheet: Which I hope is legible. A total of 33 legs flown, 31 in the Dash and 2 in the B767 across the Pacific and then across the Atlantic (did I hear someone say cheat!) 14,639nm in the Dash with a total flight time of 50hrs 5mins. Average speed of 292.2knots and average 1hr 37mins per leg. 7,371nm in the B767 with a flight time of 15hrs 5mins. Giving a grand total of 22,010nm and 65hrs 10mins. The initial point to point across the legs was 20,541nm, so SIDs and STARs and flying designated airways added 1469nm. I recall back in November getting a route across to Shanghai from Taipei was a particular problem with 200nm added on that leg alone. I used two Dash aircraft; Flybe G-FLBC from Biggin Hill to Tokyo and then from Cork via Dublin and Liverpool back to Biggin and United Express N328NG across the US from San Francisco to Newark NJ. The two aircraft burned 106,675lbs fuel for the 50hrs 5mins flight time (excluding taxi and waiting on ground time) giving an average 2,130lbs per hour (292nm). Can't see anything online on the Bombardier website for fuel burn rates, but comes up with figures of 2050 to 2100lbs per hour depending on flight length. So it looks like Majestic have done a pretty good job modelling this. I was initially flying the cruise at FL270, which the Q400 is cleared for, and then opted back to FL250. This has been a great experience, doing the planning and the flying and writing up the log afterwards and sharing some of the other logs as well. My appreciation to Mathijs and Aerosoft for hosting the adventure (and the drink in the bar at the end of it)
  6. Hi JP, great sunrise pic in Iceland, to be swapped for the damp, drear conditions in Ireland. Cloud looks worse for you yesterday than it was when I flew out on Monday up to Dublin. Worst of the low cloud looks to be in SE England currently. Liverpool wasn't too bad when I left yesterday morning but it was not good at Biggin Hill on arrival. You may get better conditions at Southend which I overflew at 9000ft on the way in from JACKO. Safe landings, James
  7. Time now to say goodbye to my intrepid passengers and for me to hop into a cab up to the West End, to the Waldorf Hilton in Aldwych, and claim my drink from JP, I think it was. Cheers,
  8. Weds 20th Dec, last leg from Liverpool to London Biggin Hill, where it all started back on Oct 2nd. Cloudy, mild morning at Liverpool. 8C, wind 0@0kts (!), visibility 10 miles. Rwy 09 departure, NANT2V SID to NANTI / L8 / HON / JACK1H STAR to JACKO. Turn and inbound for ILS approach to rwy 21 at Biggin. Final takeoff at 0934. Followed by turn south east over the Mersey Climbed to FL200 above the cloud. Here we are over Birmingham, seen below through the cloud JACK1H STAR heads east toward Clacton, keeping well clear to the north of London, before turning and crossing the Thames, look, here's the Dartford Crossing before approaching Biggin from the NE. Forecast for Biggin was fog, visibility 1mi and winds 260@6. Mucked up the approach; too high on the glideslope and some procedural problems with the autopilot. Initiated a go-around, recovering the situation with the autopilot and resetting the HGS. Better approach, but still a bit of a hard landing. Still, we're home, journey's end. Landed at 1041 giving a flight time of 1hr 7mins. 262mi this leg, making the total flown since the start in October 22,010 mi.
  9. Log for my flight on Mon 18th from Cork to Liverpool, via Dublin, following the historic route of our intrepid passengers. With real world time running out, as indeed it was in history, I negotiated a 'touch and go' at Dublin. I would approach and touch down, declare a go around, take off and continue, re-filing for Liverpool, as a sort of alternate. Sunrise at Cork, Conditions deteriorated after this, with visibility down to <3mi and negligible wind. But still ok to get away. TISMO1Q departure from rwy 17, direst to CML, direct to EIDW. Came through the cloud at 10,000ft, climbing to FL150. Better conditions at Dublin, cloudy, but >10mi and again negligible wind. Opted for rwy 10 approach via KENOL and BOKLI, executing touch and go as planned Liverpool flight plan was direct to LIFFY, UL975 to MALUD and TIPOD3A approach for rwy 09 ILS. Cloudy at Liverpool with around 5mi visibility and still not much wind. Parked up on the apron at gate 2. Left Cork at 0927, arriving Liverpool at 1036 giving 1hr 9min flight time for the 262 miles. Second shortest leg of the whole trip. Final bit of planning now to complete the trip back to London Biggin Hill.
  10. Hi JP, thanks for post. Just about to write up my diary for Monday when I flew on from Cork to Liverpool via Dublin. Happy days back in the Dash. Love the Majestic version of it. It reawakened my interest in MSFS, which had waned, when it came out a few years ago. And now flying it for this Aerosoft inspired RTW has been great fun. Learned so much more about it and the other tools (SimBrief, AuraSim and PlanG) which I'd never really used to any extent. After the pressure from London to Tokyo, planning and flying every day or every other day, it's been a lot less pressured having opted for the B767, with the big gaps for the Pacific and Atlantic crossings. I admire your determination for sticking with the Dash all the way. I don't think I would have completed sticking to the stage dates, but could have done if I'd pushed ahead. Happy (cold) landings, see you in London James
  11. Good logs JP, great pictures and good luck flying round via Greeland and Iceland. I opted again for the B767 across the Atlantic and am currently resting in Cork before flying on to Dublin and Liverpool.
  12. Final stage home. Our intrepid travellers disembarked the steamship Henrietta in Queenstown, now Cobh, which is about 15 miles from the city of Cork. They caught the train to Dublin, the ferry to Liverpool and finally the train to London. Time permitting, that's the route we want to follow, having been re-united with the Flybe Dash 8 here in Cork. 21500 miles flown so far; just 400 to go.
  13. Tues 12th, late. Time to go transatlantic in the same United B767-300ER that took me across the Pacific. We're parked at gate B68. Planned t/o is 2200hrs local (0300Z, 13/12). It's cold, just 2C and the winds are 310@16. Rwy 4L departure. With La Guardia and JFK to the immediate east and north-east, Newark departures are to the west and north and also have to avoid Teterboro to the north. Busy airspace. Newark2 SID routes to the west and the SAX VOR. Opted for FL390 and went VOR to VOR NE up the coast to Newfoundland Gander. BAF, ENE, YSJ, YYG, YGR, YJT and YQZ. From thence to KOBEV and an Atlantic crossing track. 1365nm later I passed over MALOT and started the descent towards Cork. With the wind 230@11 ILS rwy 35 was selected, coming in via the KURUM1G STAR. Cork was always going to be a tight squeeze for the 767. But we are very lightly loaded with just the 3 passengers and a couple of stewardesses. I'd fuelled just for the flight and reserve to Shannon, 100 miles to the north. It also had to be rwy 35 as that has taxiway exit at the end. With no parallel taxiway, rwy 17 wasn't an option. First approach captured the localiser ok but I was too high and fast for the glideslope. First go-around of the trip. Conditions were also worsening slightly with the cloud and the rain. Second approach was more stable, Speed was slower, but still a little high, but committed to the landing. Max flaps, max brakes and spoilers deployed And came to a stop just by the exit. With a very short taxi to the cargo ramp. In the drizzle, the temp was 6C. Takeoff at 2200 local (0300Z) and finally landed at 0855 (Z and local), 5hrs 55mins flight time, benefitting massively from a tailwind up to 110kts at times.
  14. Hi JP, I arrived in Cork Wednesday am (13th) into the low cloud and drizzle, so typical of Ireland! Had a couple of holidays in Ireland a few years ago and stayed in Cork both occasions. Visited Cobh and the heritage centre there which was very interesting. Also visited the Jameson Whisky experience which was also very interesting! Right, must write up my log Good luck in the far north - happy landings James
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