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About Me

I have flown FS2000, 2002, 2004, FSX , P3D v 3 and now v. 4. It all started in the mid eighties on a friends "computer". Then someone handed me a FS2000 DVD in the year 2000... And I was hooked.

Then I entered the world of flightsim and dreaming. The guy who never became a pilot.  I have enjoyed lot of fun and swearing with "lacking" hardware, tweaking etc.

I have enjoyed the experience of the flight sim community, and admired all their creations, in freeware and payware.

I understand myself as "non programmer", and then immediately start to whine when programmers start saying; you just have to modify this and this...

Been there done that. I remember when we had to attach the right stairs and luggage vehicle paint to the right airports.. 

It nearly had me..  

But since v4, I flightsim really works, and its wonderful.

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