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  1. This error occurs when launching the livery manager and nowhere else and only when large images selected - works with small images. I have many many add on aircraft but it was not associated with a particular new addition. It seems to have just suddenly occurred when I tried to switch to large images. I use FSX so the new versions of Simstarter arent appropriate. I look forward to your suggestions.
  2. Hi Could someone tell me what is causing this error in livery manager and how to correct? It only occurs when large images is set. Livery manager works fine with small images. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have already set FSUIPC for extended battery life and so it isn't that unfortunately but thanks for the suggestion. I had moved aircraft to a new /Simobjects/CA Twins directory and adjusted the directory settings in asc.cfg for the sound. I have since returned the aircraft to original /Simobjects/aircraft and this returns the battery to a working status. I use Simstarter to speed loading and save memory by only loading what I need for that flight so it is useful to have collection of aircraft in different simobjects dirs so they can be easily added/removed as needed. It's not the end of the world but are you able to provide instructions on how to move the twin otter extended to a new Simobjects folder and what else to adjust other than asc.cfg Adjusting the to point to the sound directorys is no issue but Asc.cgf also seems to mention variable state save files in lines [VARS] DefaultDir=AerosoftTwinOtterExtended DefaultFile=UserSettings.asc CustomFile01=TwotterX.asc Yet I can't find these *.asc on my system. Do I need to change the default dir to the new Simobjects dir? Many thanks for your help in advance.
  4. Hi, I am having a little trouble with my Tundra Twotter. The battery is flat so can't get her started. (same is true of Ski N wheels) So I have a DHC6-300 wheels flight all working and can start this from cold n dark with Battery and DC master on and providing power to turn on the avionics and run the starters. However if I start the flight again with a tundra model then switching on the battery and DC master provides no volts/power to avionics. (looking LVARs in Spad.next I can see zeros in all the battery/amp/volt/watts variables so something is amiss including external battery so external isn't going to help) Have I missed something? Or does anyone know of a variable I could initialise that would give me a battery to start up? Also should mention that I have moved to new Simobjects directory from /aircraft to /CA Twins. I am looking to see if I can see that affecting ....if someone knows then this would help. Pointers appreciated. NB have already tried trike n default flight but seeing as I have dh6-300 wheels working - a swap to Tundra should work/not have rogu variable values etc in the new flight. Rob
  5. Thanks Dave. This seems quite old so I was wandering if this is the most up to date version. Mostly I was hoping to find the Penguins! I was hoping someone still had the files and could addrepost/renew the links.
  6. Hi Does anyone know where I can download all the free addons that used to be available for Antartica X (for FSX)? There was Marble point, Kohnen station and Atka Penguins among a few in the forums but the links seem to not work/expired. I am hoping that someone has collected them and can share. I did look in the Aerosoft download sections but it's mostly full of liveries rather than scenery addons. Rob.
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