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  1. Yet, out of all the aircraft on my system (P3Dv4, Windows 10 - latest updates), it is only this one aircraft that has the issue. I had it working for a while yesterday using the re-install font and then reboot method. This morning - back to not working.
  2. Right - latest version of Windows 10 with all the updates. I re-installed the fonts yesterday and it worked for awhile. Later, when trying again, it stopped working. I understand that this many be a Windows issue, but why would it only affect this particular aircraft as others use this font as well?
  3. This is happening to me as well. It's only this plane in P3Dv4 and I've never had this issue before. I did the re-install of the font and it worked once but then it stopped.
  4. Yes, I meant Shift+1, etc. I only see the radio stack. I saw another post on here where someone else had the same exact problem but did not see if it was resolved.
  5. Hi, I just installed this great plane but note that only F1 and F2 works for the subpanels. In other words, I can only bring up the radio stack. When I hit F3 or F4 there is a dark flash on the screen like a window is trying to open but nothing is there – has this been noted before?
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