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  1. Voila! I dont know how, but after enother startup of the sim - everything works! Pls. close the topic. Regards.
  2. Hello! I've read the topic as I followed Mathijs's prescriptoins in 100%, but - unfortunatelly it didn'h work. My EFB in bus ist still blank. For visual improvements I'm using only REX Enviroment Force. Neither, if this addon is turned on or off - the result is the same - blank EFB. I've tried to recompile shaders, change HDR, etc... No change. Please give me any idea or advise. Regards, TKK
  3. This is not frustration, but rather a lack of satisfaction and regret. I have been flying your Bus for many years, I waited for the 64-bit version, just like the whole community, with great hopes. Unfortunately - the product turned out to be very "sensitive" to the environment of normal player systems (as opposed to dedicated developer systems). Please close this thread.
  4. Hm... "DeleteGeneratedFiles" is mean, that I have to reinstal/register all my addon sceneries? It that is, I rather say goodbay to the Bus. I wrote in my first post - solution provided by LecLightning56 is not satisfying me. Addon in has a bug - default Raptor causes wrong behaviour of your addon (if I load F16 first - problem is absent). I didn't changed anything in my system / hardware /sim except new version of AS Airbus Professional 64-bit. Can you give me any real advise?
  5. As usual: C:\Users\...\Documents\Aerosoft. I'm flying AS Buses since 2016, so I'm quite familiar with all requirements and specificity of the addon. This also applies to the 64 bit version As I wrote - it is 100% same bug as reported by # LecLightning56.
  6. Dear AS Support! Please respond to my post . Best regards, Tomek K
  7. Hi! As i wrote - the same is after update to experimental Full reinstall of the Bus I've made too - the bug is still present.
  8. I am reporting a problem identical to the one reported by # LecLightning56 on August 8. After a new P3D installation and AS Bus Professional updated to version, it is not possible to set the altitude indicator on FCU. Also on PFD the altitude bar flashes. The same situation is after upadate to There was no problem in previous versions. When I use the # LecLightning56 method (instead of the default Raptor, I load F16 first, then A320 CFM first - then the problem does not occur. However, that does not satisfy me. I have no ideas as to where the problem may be. The entire
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